Why Bad things Happen to Good People? God Isn’t a Nanny Parent

Concept from “Arguing with Idiots” by Glen Beck

Psychologists are telling us that a nanny parent leads to an unhappy child and incapable adult. The reason God allows bad things to happen to good people like wars starvation etc. all the bad, is because he is not a nanny parent. He knows that the implications of not allowing that stuff to happen are worse than the implications of stopping it all from happening. He allows everyone freedom, and that means some suffering, but it also means an opportunity for joy and growth. It’s unfortunate when governments don’t understand this and make laws governing every aspect of our morality. We can’t just legalize something because it’s for the greater good. Forcing broccoli at each meal would be for the greater good, etc., but that doesn’t mean we do it, because an even greater good is freedom. -Glen Beck, “Arguing with Idiots”

Furthermore, positive parenting means allowing natural consequences do most of the teaching when it comes to disciplining negative behaviors. Some people’s behaviors are so bad that it has a wake effect, damaging even innocent people. The challenge of a good person is to be good even though the bad people are hurting them.


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