Selling the Soul to College: An Inevitable Eventual Defeat

Selling the Soul to College: An Inevitable Eventual Defeat
by Nate Richardson

One goes to school and has a life, he studies things of interest which will be intellectually enlarging and helpful in a career to provide for his family, and a thing which could make society better. He finds the college requires not only his interest and devotion, but his whole soul. He says ‘I’m a fan of what you do and I will help you, but you’re asking me to sell my soul; I can’t give you that much of my time and money’. So the student wanders from camp to camp in the university, seeking somewhere that he can contribute and yet still have some personal space respected wherein he can do things like minister to the wife of his bosom, cheer children, and otherwise serve the poor, and rejoice betimes with his friends. Alas, he finds that there is no place that will respect these wishes. The idea of a “9 to 5” then coming home is becoming a distant dream… The candidate finally, in economic desperation, agrees to sell his school to some school of thought, to some college, to some program, no worse or better than all the rest, and kisses his little family goodbye as it were for a season. All the time he spent looking for a normal life with a little respect stands off in the distance, laughing at him. He wonders where the years went…

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