Why Satan does what he does based on Intelligence and Physics, excerpt from Hiding in Plain Sight by Ken Bowers

Excerpt from “Hiding in Plain Sight: Unmasking the Secret Combinations of the Latter-days” by Ken Bowers
Compiled by Nate Richardson

After the Amalekites and Amulonites rejected the true gospel they still built synagoges and attempted to worship God. So we see the desire for religion is universal.
a. Satan tries to get people to worship in any way except the true way. He fills the vacume of the desire to worship when people reject the true God.
b. Satan tries to sell many doctrines, hence there are so many churches.
c. Ultimately Satan wants people to worship him (Moses 1:12, 18-22; Matt. 4:8-10) p210
d. Satan does not enter the Eden scene until God had given Adam commandments, to which Satan could fight against.
i. This is why we call him the adversary, he always fights against God and Christ. It’s almost like the law of physics, for every action an equal but opposite reaction.
4. things to act, and things to be acted upon (2 Ne. 2:14)
a. Intellignece is what acts, matter is what is acted upon. These are the only two things that have always existed. (D&C 93:29, 33).
i. Satan has no intelligence because he has no light and truth, which is the definition of intelligence, which means he has become a thing to be acted upon, not a thing to act. He cannot act to his own accord.
1. He simply reacts in an opposite direction to what God desires. Hence he wants people to worship him.
(If you liked this, you’ll like the book “Hiding in Plain Sight: Unmasking the Secret Combinations of the Latter-days” by Ken Bowers. That is where I found this analysis.)

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