Heavenly Mother as Nucleus of the Universe

-Mother is life, father witnesses and testifies that mothers’ message is life, she is the personification of life.
-Dad points to mom and says, “see? Mom is the ideal. I’ll teach you how to go create more copies of this perfection.” Dad pushes the children beyond the bounds of home for the sole purpose of creating more homes.
-Mom isn’t home because she is less capable than dad, she is in the home because dad basically worships her, and is obsessed with her as the ideal, and tenaciously spends his might to not only protect her, but to get the kids to become like her.
-Enmity was placed between the serpent (the Devil) and woman. Surely one interpretation of this is that women are less likely to be wicked than men! Brigham Young taught a similar doctrine, that seeing a man in a pub was sad, but seeing a woman there was extra sad because such deviance is contrary to the nature of woman.
-We see and know Heavenly Father via Christ, and the appearances of the Father and Son to the prophets whose witness and testimony we surely have. What is the grand mystery of the universe? Its Heavenly Mother. The test in life is to see how closely our lives will mirror Heavenly Mother without seeing her face or hearing her words during life. Life is an EXAM. Closed book. The subject? Perfection, aka Heavenly Mother. Heavenly Father is also perfect.
-Is your inner compass calibrated to coincide with “life”? Eve in Hebrew can be translated to English as “life”. Heavenly Father is a tutor, the traveling missionary. Mother is also a tutor, but has a special added role of nucleus of the universe. Heaven is home, earth is the field of battle. The battle is to see if we will do what we were trained to do in heaven.
-We had a very real existence in heaven before our very real existence on earth. After earth, we will have another very real existence, except this time, we may or may not return to the ‘home’ section of heaven. Only the faithful return home.
-Do we adapt the principles of “life”, or do we reject life, and wander off into pointless existence? It’s not that there are 10 different types of heaven based on 10 different religions/philosophies we could live by. There is 1 heaven, 1 truth, 1 embodiment of life in its fulness. There is more than mere heaven and hell, but the degrees of heaven are spaces on the continuum between heaven and hell. You can place yourself anywhere on the continuum that you wish, this is the kindness of God (God= Heavenly Father + Heavenly Mother), but let there be no mistake, there is only 1 highest heaven. This logic demands the following: If there is a true church (church=organizational embodiment of heaven on earth), there would only be 1 truly true church, because there is only 1 true heaven. False churches may show good and true principles, and represent a location on the continuum of heaven and hell, but only the 1 true church would be the embodiment of the one true heaven. It’s as simple as saying “there is only 1 me. Other people may resemble me, but they are somewhere between the continuum of me, and my opposite.” Therefore God (Christ) said “this is life eternal, to know God”.
-What he (God) was saying is “there’s only 1 set of true principles which will lead you to maximum prosperity. I embody those perfectly. Others can bring you part of the way, but only I am capable of the whole package. I created the earth. I have all power and knowledge. You are my creation. Even the devil is my creation, he chose evil. Do you think my creations have more wisdom than myself, the creator? I invite you to reject the foolish ways of man, and become a God like me in every sense of the word. You are my children, and if you chose to follow me, you can become like me. I will be somewhat distant from you in this life because I’m trying to help you grow. You’re not a spiritual baby anymore but have become spiritually mature, and you can’t grow under my constant care anymore. I do more for you than you know, and watch you closer than you know, but you need some time where you can’t always see and hear me, so you can grow up like me. You won’t see or hear from Heavenly Mother right now, one glimpse of her majesty and one decibel of her immaculate voice would spoil the whole exam, and you would no longer be in a test. We want you to become like us, but this isn’t the type of test in which you memorize quick answers and spew them onto a paper. This is a test where you must be thoroughly tried to measure weather you truly remember the answers. We taught you the answers at home (heaven), now let’s see you perform! I (Heavenly Father) am also perfect like Heavenly Mother, but I’m designed to blend in with you a little more to give you hints while not giving away the answers too publicly. Heavenly Mother is at home, and she radiates the pure principles. I can cloak myself to help you in the test not giving it all away, she remains the standard of truth, the unmovable personification of the true order of the universe, the center of all things. The nucleus of all creation. I am a messenger who helps remind people of her majesty, in other words, I help you remember truth.”


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