What we won’t give up, keeping us from Zion

Here are some pesky things that seem to get the best of us down, and block our path to Zion. May we at length (shorter than longer) learn to say ‘get thee behind me Satan’ when confronting these ills of our time.

Meat (in most cases this isn’t needed (see D&C 89), but no one seems to care about that anymore (except the 7th Day Adventists and a few others).)
Money (Who among us can say they truly dedicate all surplus to helping the poor?)
Time (Everyone has it, it reveals our priorities in unmistakable clarity before God.)
Clothing (ironic how we have too much of too little clothing; modesty is perhaps the key symbol of rebellion among the daughters of Zion (Isaiah has a few words on that subject).)
Sabbath games (instead of worship and charitable service)
Authoritarian parenting (cold and strict) (as opposed to authoritative (warm and strict).)
Large empty homes (childlessness and unrestrained luxury)
Fast food (Defiling our bodies, thinking them to be worth no trouble to maintain.)
Big city life (As opposed to small community living where everyone has a name and a purpose.)
Social status / social circles (as opposed to freely associating with everyone, and parting our substance among them.)
Course entertainment (As opposed to using the vast resources of wholesome materials.)


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