Advice for Freshman College Students

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman



-Business isn’t necessarily evil. It’s a wild card, but most use if for evil in that they ignore knowledge in other critical fields, and spend all their time chasing money. Their views become skewed by their peers, thinking that ‘he is rotten, but if I just do a bit more for Christ than him, I’ll be good’. Another fallacy is thinking that God needs you to make money for him to build his kingdom, wrong, God needs you to find something useful to do with your mind and heart, money is a side topic not the core. Beware, most think they’re good but they’re average. Beware, many think that just because it isn’t pure evil that they are justified in focusing on it and avoiding all other important things. I think a business student would need many classes on other subjects to end up well rounded, or he will, without knowing it, be a disaster. And I’m talking about more than just the university based required classes.


-As BYU literary professor Larry Peer said, genius is anything you become great at.


-Beware doing 18 hours of classes, working, and having a family life. It can be done but you’ll need to beware your grades.


-Beware thinking you must wait to be done with school to marry and have children.


-Beware thinking you can’t learn a new language, instrument, anything. It just takes time. If you’re willing to invest the time, you can master it. Some people have a certain nack for certain topics, but you can master that topic too if you’re ok with being slower than some others around you.


-Social sciences reveal many of the mysteries of the gospel, but picking up a book on the subject will do you about as much good as getting a degree in the stuff. 75% of material in these classes are hype.


-Don’t think that doing assignments and getting A’s makes you educated. Those who overly focus on grades are often the least educated. They don’t dare veer into curiosity, as the exam doesn’t cover that.


-Excellence in a field is way beyond good grades, but you’ll have to seek those for a start, sadly.


-Don’t change the major many times, you’ll run out of funding, and your kids will get hungry. You can reenter a college for another bachelor degree quite easily if you wish.


-You can’t always get a job in where your heart is, at least not immediately, even if you have a degree in the subject; you may have to do side jobs as your core job for years before you can enter into your dream work, as entrance is often quite limited. Don’t be in too big a hurry, make sure your family is taken care of, but don’t let go of this dream, you can work it out if you really want it, but the time table may be a little off. Remember, the Millennium is coming soon, it’s not like you only have 50 years more to live; make very long term plans, that span even into the Millennium, 1000 years it will be.


-Jordan Peterson says only about 3% of people have careers; the rest have jobs. And many of them. Brilliant minds would do well to get a job they can tolerate, and do their brilliant thing on the side, at least for now so everything doesn’t fall apart.


-Nobody cares what gender predominantly does the field you want to enter. Follow your genius.


-Pre-med people, consider nursing career path, it’s smaller steps, avoid the too intense medical school and it’s bills. Nursing pays plenty and has ample opportunity for advancement.


-Debt is hardly needed, work as you go, and don’t worry about going too fast, God says not to run faster than you have strength; if you want to please God, do things without being frantic. This includes allowing yourself to marry and have children on the way, not at the end of your vocational seeking adventure. Further, Dave Ramsey says no one cares which school you went to, so go to an inexpensive one.


-Larry Peer BYU literary professor says don’t think literary analysis and other fields in humanities are easy; that’s the myth, and some professors are sucked into that myth and don’t push their students, but real excellence in that field is most difficult, so don’t think you’re weak if you want to become a master in one of those fields.

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