Keys to Successful Studying

  • No amount of time is too small to study
  • No task is so small that it justifies postponing; usually things take a long time, deal with it, start now do get those things done
  • No caffeine or junk food, it makes one anxious and scatterbrained, particularly in the long run; the power of the body is closely related to the power of the mind
  • Card key items
  • Go on walks with flashcards until they are known. The movement helps one to remember and focus.
  • Ignore all other duties when class grade etc. isn’t where it needs to be
  • Let’s face it this study is often depressing, so take time to work on hobbies.
  • Make audio of study guides or flash cards, or guide in card format with order
  • learn all things UNDERSTANDING not just memorizing
  • think and act like A student; all is on the line; they require my soul, fine, I’m giving it.
  • you’re not ready for exam until you have mastery of all flashcards from outline
  • stop expecting your teacher to teach you
  • stop caring about what’s on the test and start mastering the material

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