2020 Church Education System Lecture with Elder Bednar – Lecture Notes

2020 CES Lecture with Elder Bednar – Lecture Notes

Based on this lecture: https://youtu.be/Wn_GanV0WxI

“I’m a really simple minded person, if you’re doing your best, you’re consecrated, you’re devoted, you’re not going to mess somebody up. Heaven is in charge of this, not you, not me. As a member of the 12 I have assignments all the time that I just cannot possibly do. But you just have to go ahead. And as you do your best you are enlarged and magnified. You won’t always consciously know ‘oh this is the right time.’ You just do your very best… God is not going to leave you out there hanging alone as you’re trying to succor and nurture and minister to His children.” (video mark 34:55)

-we make it harder on ourselves than it needs to be to receive revelation

-we can count on the regular guidance of the Holy Ghost without going through checklists of prerequisites

-the HG promptings don’t have to be big and dramatic

-we believe in constant companionship of the HG, we shouldn’t be noticing when we have it, but when we don’t have it, what makes it leave, not what makes it come.

-when Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver were on TV, that’s when McKay was preaching to defend the family. Those were the cleanest shows, he needed to declare it before it was needed. If it were just declared today, it would be 70 years too late.

-we didn’t have much revelation in the time of President Hinckley and Monson, thank goodness we are getting it with President Nelson (see video mark 19:28)

-being in the place related to the revelation you seek increases your odds of getting the revelation. For example, one who was to speak at a certain place went there beforehand as part of his preparation

-you receive impressions at home you’ll never get any other way

-revelation tells both what to do and when to do it

-be responsive to Gods timing

-don’t be “ready for” revelation, have constant revelation. Do not divorce your daily life from the spirit.

-Elder Bednar was very forward in this lecture, even interrupting people and straightening out the matters.

-he paused a few times to ask people if they were understanding him, and what they were getting from what he was saying. In their replies, he would interrupt them if they were incorrect

-Nephi didn’t mess up, it was a learning experience. Line upon line he was being prepared for what to do (with each time trying to get the plates etc.)

-he asked the audience ‘what are you hearing that’s not being said?’

-when asked a question, Elder Bednar replied “what do you think?” They reply, then he teaches them.

-One man worried about what to say, Elder Bednar said it’s more important to worry about what are you going to ask, and what are you going to ask them to do.

-don’t think you’re failing if you’re not having dramatic experiences. Those experiences aren’t normal, you’re normal.

-your confidence waxing strong in the presence of God: it isn’t confidence in yourself, but confidence in them (God) to get things done.

-we try to make it linear: I say my prayers, and the answers come. But it’s not that quick, it’s not that easy.

-Elder Bednar says he doesn’t have dreams as epic as many of the faithful saints in Africa. There are a variety of ways the spirit of the Lord can connect with someone’s mind and heart.

-the first steps toward revelation can be done by anyone

-we think we need to be prepared to get revelation, but Alma the younger wasn’t prepared, Saul on the road to Damascus wasn’t. Remember the still small voice not the big stuff is where God speaks to us.

-he asked “What have you learned in the last 3 minutes?”

-you will be guided in simple ways

-be student centered and focused on their progress

-he said what the speaker says is for everyone, and what the spirit tells you is specifically for you.

-he used an iPad and had people send him anonymous questions, and responding to those is a great learning experience

-get a copy of the standard works look for all references to eyes to see and ears to hear. Don’t do an electronic word search. He says he cannot describe what you will learn.

-his wife was inspired to ask the obvious question to those she visit taught: what does it mean to you to now do ministering in a higher and holier way? Their answers blew her away, and guided her ministry with them.

-President Hinckley said to Elder Bednar, that this is the greatest season in the history of the restored church. We have more resources now, we are seeing more things unfold now than even in the days of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

-we being the greatest and reserved generation means we also get the other end of the stick: we have tons to do to be where we need to be to fulfill that.

-he prayed that the Holy Ghost would fill the gap between what he said and what needed to be taught

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