Public Schools Exposing Kids to Improper & Godless Sex

Sex education is best done by parents because parents can preach religion, and one cannot understand the full grounds for premarital abstinence in a non-religious context. True children need to have sex education when they are mature enough to receive it, and when taught the divine role of sexuality in marriage, they can understand why waiting for marriage is appropriate, and why they should live in keeping with the proper use of sexual relations.

We’ve heard cases of American schools, namely in California, teaching children that they are “purple penguins” until they decide which gender to be; or that pedophilia is a lifestyle choice, one among many. Some schools are pushing detailed surveys on regular and irregular sex practices in middle schools. Not only are the schools teaching sex without morality, they’re teaching perverse sex.

There is much equalization going on among their peers, forcing all students without parental consent to learn about these things can be like the “bean up the nose” thing; I child may not have even thought of putting a bean up his nose until you told him not to do it; then the child does it out of curiosity (killed the cat you see).

Some children have been avoiding these conversations on the irregular sex; (like bestiality, homosexuality, masturbation, etc., then you force them to study it; like running from a serpent only to being caged with one, chained while bitten.

It boils down to socialism; if the school (i.e. the government which funds and dictates what the school do) chooses what is moral for your children, it supplants the parent.

Next thing you know you’ve got FEMA reeducation camps, and children taken away from their parents at birth. Read the book 1984. Read the book Brave New World.

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