The Temple as Model Schoolhouse

-1 room schoolhouse: teach the same lesson to all ages, let them grow unto understanding as they are ready.
-Teach adults not children: teach the same curriculum, don’t dumb it down for people with less understanding. Include symbolism to further this method.
-Gender segregation: separate the males and females onto different sides of the room so learning will not be distracted
-Repetition: teach the core curriculum time and again so students memorize it and learn insights into it. Don’t soften it down.
-Dress Code: Strict dress codes in clean, non-form revealing non-tight clothing. One uniform for all men, and one uniform for all women.
-Strictest modesty, no ‘sexy’ clothing. On the modesty-sexy continuum, go all the way to the right to the modesty side. Don’t allow one person to stand out more than another person from their dress, don’t let dress be a distraction from learning in any way, not in sexuality, not in status symbols or various fads.
-Big Picture: Rather than teaching isolated events and laws, teach the entire narrative of why we have laws. Paint the past to understand the present and foresee the future.
-Require good behavior: anyone being disrupted is promptly excused from the classroom. Quiet reverence and order prevail.
-Light music: light music in the background often stimulates the mind into thinking deeply and curtails distracting and mindless thinking.
-No distracting gadgets: no electronics are allowed in the classroom as utmost focus on the presentation is required.
-Scripture focus: Scriptures are considered the best literature and are to be given highest priority in academic pursuit of truth and reason.
-Priesthood leadership: Organize via the priesthood. Let your teachers be appointed to their stations. Choose righteous teachers who possess the spirit and power of God.
-Teach the creation – explain where we came from, what has brought us to this point, our heritage, and the historic battles between good and evil
-Teach the fall – illustrate in specific and general terms what our society is doing which is not in keeping with Gods commandments
-Teach redemption – illustrate the potential of the human race as they apply gospel principles, especially including faith in Jesus Christ.
-Arm with truth: use truth to prepare students for wars of words and opinions which they will face in life. Cover all controversial and all basic concepts with logic and revelation.
-Set standards of conduct: affirm standards which the students should adhere to be morally intelligent citizens
-Teach chastity: create an environment of respect for bodies, and reverence for the creative potential of bodies, and the proper union of male and female in creative family units to satisfy human soul and the plan of God.
-Teach service: teach students to give all their best efforts to building God’s kingdom above personal selfish pursuits. Teach students to live within the bounds the Lord has set.
-Teach the eternal nature of family relationships: teach students that family is the central unit of society, and the key area of focus in life. Teach them that family relationships are enduring beyond the grave. Teach the resurrection and the joy of mankind in family units. Emphasize the special role of children and child bearing as key priorities above economic and academic pursuits.

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