Convincing Professors of Truths Not Found in Academic Journals: Who’s Empirical, & Who’s Religious?

Sometimes it’s so hard convincing professors of truths which aren’t published in some academic journal. The only altar they know how to worship at is that of objectivism and empiricism, and that often of their own choosing. They have no regard for tradition or faith. Colleges are churches, with priesthood, covenants, ordinances, rituals, doctrines, the whole setup, including the promise of salvation, and the assurance of damnation upon non-compliance. They don’t profess to be a religion, it’s one of their crafts of hiding the fact that their dogmas aren’t 100% what they claim them to be: empirical. Who can claim their journal editor boards aren’t politically/financially influenced? It is laughable. We must attend none the less, marching in their ranks, like Daniel in Babylon, waiting for the day of deliverance to the city of Zion.

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