Why We Study Various Key Fields

Religion – to be faithful, and spread faith, to have peace

History – to know things so as to not an idiot; this helps everything

Family science – to heal families, successfully parent, build strong marriages

Government – to be ready to help, to defend my morals and gather others to them, to know what’s going on

Music – instruments, dance, joy is a commandment, and prolongs life, and solidifies relationships

Philosophy – to see what people’s questions are, and answer them

Language – to speak to people & read ancient and foreign texts

Math – to have pure joy, to be like God, to teach children, to build, to push limits and improve oneself

Botany – all things gardening to bless one’s household and have joy in working it as a family

Physics – learn how to build, and apply math

Chemistry – godly knowledge, and useful

Astronomy – to prepare for more knowledge, and the joy of knowing the stars, and the religious implications & seasons

Microbiology – godly knowledge

Civil Engineering & architecture – have the joy of building stuff. The Millennium will be a time of much building.

Mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering –build stuff, help critical thinking, applied science

Concrete, framing, electric, basic construction trades – build much in the millennium

Medicine/health/nutrition/anatomy – to promote health at home & elsewhere


Some have pointed out ‘father’ sciences:


Sociology is applied psychology

Psychology is applied biology

Biology is applied chemistry

Chemistry is applied physics

Physics is applied math

Math is applied logic


Some suggest the most plain of these (math) is the highest, others suggest the reason we have the higher sciences (like math) are so that we can have the lower sciences (sociology), which would suggest that the most glorious subjects are the lower (sociology). Others suggest that the lower you go, the less majestic the science.

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