Educational Resources

Library Resources:

-Online Liberty Library – free pdf etc. – – free public domain audiobooks – free public domain texts, movies, audiobooks (public domain PDF book downloads on many topics) – Free Online Courses from Top Universities (movies, eBooks, audiobooks, textbooks, language lessons, business courses, K-12 Ed, etc.)

-Deseret Industries books

-Good Will books – see also website with virtually free shipping

-Gutenberg project (Puts in the public domain books written over ~100 years ago),

-Provo Library book sales (approximately quarterly), free podcasts (from iTunes etc.); garage sales.

-“For Dummies” books are also excellent introductions to many topics.

-For legal inexpensive movies:

-For legal and inexpensive music:

-Overdrive is an audiobook rental app which is free when you sign up associated with a local library membership.



Homeschool Resources: The Family Education Magazine The Teaching Home The Home School Legal Defense Association est. 1983 Homeschooling Today Homeschool World

-Blimey Cow – A Homeschool Comedy YouTube Channel

-Traci Matt: homeschool 72 things wish I knew

-Cathy Duffy: homeschool curriculum overviews

-Linda Dobson: homeschool fun ideas

-Israel Wayne: homeschooling from a biblical worldview; education does God have an opinion

-Jack Monett – LDS homeschool National Home Education Research Institute LDS Home Educators

-Jack Monnett: i.e. book on Revealed Educational Principles seen through prophets and LDS history, and other homeschool books, etc.


Classical Education Resources:


-Neil Flinders: Teach the children: an agency approach to education; Joseph Smith: America’s Greatest Educator

-Oliver DeMille: Thomas Jefferson Education

-The lost tools of learning: Symposium on Education by Dorothy L Sayers

-Douglas Wilson: The case for classical Christian education; recovering the lost tools of learning: an approach to distinctively Christian education

-Richard Gamble: The Great Tradition: classic readings on what it means to be an educated human being


Other educational resources:


-Organic farming pest and disease control: Marshall Bradley

-Theodore Gray: chemistry books illustrated user friendly: Molecules, Reactions, Elements, etc.

-Truman G Madsen on philosophy and religion

-Wooden Books Series – on various classic education topics

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