Notes on Joel Fuhrman and Neal Bernard WFPB Lectures

Notes on Joel Fuhrman and Neal Bernard WFPB Lectures



Notes on Neal Bernard WFPB Lectures Quarterly Magazine The Exam Room Podcast



-10 rule: ideal weight, x 10, is least amount calories needed.

-the parent bond milk opiate theory, and why to not have milk as adults

-taste buds have basically a thermostat based on what you’ve had previously; you’ll adapt as you get a few weeks into it

-metabolism goes up 16% when plant based diet, likely because toxins aren’t decreasing your normal metabolism anymore

-before McDonalds, Japanese ate tons of rice and noodles, and they were the healthiest people living the longest.

-the top craving is pizza because of the cheese

-diabetes isn’t a one way street it can be cured by the plant based diet; this isn’t rare, but the longer you have it the harder to kick; the fats blocking the insulin receptors go away; Type 1 diabetes he recommends the same diet as type 2, though you’ll need to continue insulin on type 1 as you don’t make insulin.

-it’s not uncommon for people to lose 60 pounds in a year on a plant based diet, or 130 in 2 years.

-erectile dysfunction isn’t performance anxiety, it’s a lack of blood flow; atherosclerosis happens in the arteries all over the body

-see book ‘foods that fight pain’ 1988 Neal Bernard including arthritis (the dairy is the most common thing to attack the synovial linings around the joints), menstrual pain, migraines, etc. treated with plant-based diet

-don’t count calories, just improve food quantity, we need at least 10 times our ideal weight in calories per day; less than that and we will binge later. You can have more than that.

-incorrect diets lead to failure and loss of self esteem

-a study showed that those with diabetes had double the risk of Alzheimer’s as those without diabetes

-the number one source of saturated fat is dairy products. second is meat. Whatever is bad for the heart is bad for the brain.

-46g for women 56g for men protein daily says the government; if you ate 2000 calories in broccoli per day you’d get 146 grams of pure protein; just lentils, 157g; all essential amino acids and enough protein you get when you eat plant based; so forget protein, it’s a non-issue

-calcium isn’t from a cow, it’s an element, it’s in the ground, it’s from the grass the cow eats; drink milk and get 30 % of that; cut the middle man and eat plants, absorb it in bigger fraction

-vit B12 for healthy nerves and blood, it is made by not plants or animals, but by bacteria. Soil on plants might give this but we clean the foods too well for that now. Meat eaters get some B12 from bacteria in intestine of the animal, but to absorb the B12 you need intrinsic factor and stomach acid, people over 50 don’t make that well, especially those on acid blockers or metformin; you must supplement B12 if on a vegan diet

-cats want to kill birds and rabbits and eat them; humans see them and don’t; we are herbivories. Our sharp teeth are no longer than our other teeth, unlike a cat etc. Carnivores have big ears and powerful noses to track prey; Humans have color vision to recognize colorful fruits, so we get antioxidants; the stone age gave us axes etc. so we can eat like a carnivore by hunting, but we have pre-stone age coronary arteries, we aren’t carnivores.

-Culture has much more to do with behavior than logic; ignore-phins and don’t-do-it-ary gland kick in when we teach them a plant based diet because of their culture

-step 1: 7 days; step 2: 3 weeks with no exceptions; by then you’ll be physically changed and your taste buds will change




Notes on Joel Fuhrman WFPB Lectures


The whiter the bread the sooner you’re dead. The greaner the leaner.

Only eat when hungry.

Allow yourself to enter catabolic digestion rather than eating constantly. A non toxic body won’t crave constant eating.
Al quida made the standard american diet. Also call it the DAD the deadly american diet.
Donuts should be illegal like cocaine,  you should only be able to buy them in the underground blackmarket, from shady figures on the streets, there should be drug wars over them, etc, they are addictive!
When it comes to being nutritive,  in a 5 mile race, green vegetables win by 4 miles.
White rice white flour these processed unnatural foods they lead to cancer.
Discomfort isn’t necessarily hunger. It can often be your body trying to come away.
Eating chips and fries makes squirrels fat, us too.
Avoid white foods, like cocaine, cigarettes, and white donuts, white flour.
Oils go straight from lips to hips.
Whole foods take longer to digest, so theyr aren’t just stored as fat.
After eating beans a while your stomach developes and you don’t have gas.

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