The Gathering of Israel by Joseph F. McConkie – Lecture Notes

2008 BYU Education Week

Watch the full lecture: click here

Here are some key points of this excellent lecture:

-lost in that they don’t know about the covenant of Abraham, not geographically
-gathering occurs first in belief in truth second in baptism third to promised lands
-temples are for people to covenant to be God’s people.
-we gather to our locations now that temples can be put in diverse locations
-temple celestial marriage is the meaning of the Abrahamic covenant
-scripture proving that the promised gathering is to specifically the true church, not an ambiguous belief in Christ
-the gathering of Israel is one thing, the gathering of the lost 10 tribes to a specific place is another. We have the keys to perform both works.
-the prophets who will lead the 10 tribes back are the same prophets who lead the LDS, they hold the keys of salvation for all men, there is only 1 true church on earth, it will perform the work of bringing back the 10 tribes from the north. These prophets include local priesthood leaders whom will help to gather them.
-the highway the lost tribes will return on isn’t a physical one but the spiritual blessings of the fullness of the gospel including temple blessings.
-the lost tribes are scattered, not together as a people; book of Mormon says they’re in the 4 quarters of the earth, on all the face of the earth, referring to ALL the house of Jacob.

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