Pride and Humility: The Universal Problem and the Universal Solution

Some aspects of pride:

-I want to do it my way.

-I want to get to heaven in the end (happiness), and I’ll get there in my time, and in my way.

-Jehovah has given councils, but those are not suited to me personally, I have tried those and failed, I shall set those aside and do things my way. I shall reach heaven nevertheless. I do not fear, I am confident that going on in the way I currently am is fine.

-No one should interfere with the way I do things, not even the councils of prophets of Jehovah.

-I am different and the councils of Jehovah do not apply to me, they will not lead me to happiness as quickly as my ways are doing so.
Some aspects of humility:

-Faith (assurance) in God’s existence, and that his councils are better for me than my chosen methods. They will lead me to heaven, and they alone will lead me there. There is no other way. Should I set aside the councils of Jehovah, I will be on a different path. Since only Jehovahs path leads to heaven, I will end up at a destination other than heaven.

-Faith that I can be successful in areas of my life where I have formerly not been successful. Jehovah has power to change my capacities.

-Inaceptance that my life will never progress. A determination to be better than I was yesterday. Assurance that the human is designed with the capacity to use it’s past to construct a different future. I will repent all of the time, saying sorry to Elohim for when I have acted according to my wisdom instead of His wisdom, and ask forgiveness in the name of Jehovah. Ask Elohim for the strength to not make similar mistakes in the future. I am determined that I shall not make these same mistakes in the future. I will pray more frequently until I have over come this habit.

-I am willing for my life to change upon the councils of Jehovah. I am willing to be humiliated for this. The only person I care getting approval from is Jehovah.

-I recognize that each day will be an opportunity to master myself. I expect to master myself, and SOON.

-I refuse to become discouraged, not because I accept my life the way it is and that it’s ok to remain the way I am, but because I am sure that Jehovah will help me improve in every way which is aligned with his councils as I ask him to and give my best efforts. Though I need time to relax, I also need time to work, and know Jehovah can make my weaknesses become strengths.

-The main question I ask myself is “How can I draw nearer to Jehovah today than I was yesterday, based on doing the things that he has counciled me to do?”

-I know the prophets modern and ancient are the mouthpiece of Jehovah, so their councils are my top priority. This is because I want to go to heaven, and the way of Jehovah is the only way to get there.


-If we are not progressing, it is because of pride. Pray more often to get out of pride. None of the councils of Jehovah are optional for our happiness. They alone will lead us to heaven (happiness here and hereafter). Our top concern should be to find the aspects of our lives not in tune with the councils of Jehovah, and change those into being in tune with the councils of Jehovah.



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