Teenagers Guide to the Second Coming: How Awesome will it be? by Robert McKenzie, Summary

-President Packer said he has heard LDS prophets testify that they not only know Jesus Christ lives, but they know Jesus Christ.

-there will be literal cloud over Israel like in old days ref. given

-McConkie : atomic holocaust sure to come

-LDS are calm since know the signs of the times; know what’s coming (fear of the unknown not with the LDS); reference given

-Pres. Hinckley said not know how any LDS can stay gloomy for long

-gather angels to go at end of gathering, announced that they are sent forth now since a specific date in 19th century review recording for when. ref. given.

-Pre-Millennium hail stones will weigh over 1 talent; 75 pounds, over that of 5 bowling balls.


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