Wickedness is Happiness, Sometimes? The Justice of God and the Nature of the Soul

Mormon 2:13 shows that people have some amount of happiness in sin, but that God doesn’t allow that to continue. God doesn’t “suffer” them to do that always. Indeed, when people sin, it makes God suffer! The word used in the text is suffer. We reconcile this passage with the passage of Alma 41:10 that “wickedness never was happiness” in that the deceptive “joy” we feel when we sin is like the magician pulling the rabbit out of the hat; it’s not real, and not substantive, and won’t work when you need it the most. It’s a mere trick, and won’t meet the deep human needs we all have. It’s like a diet of pure ice cream, it seems alright at first, but you soon find it only leaves you ill and without energy; your quality of life has greatly diminished overall; you forgot the joy you once had, and consider this the new normal, and are puzzled at the joy others have whom are living Gods commandments. You don’t remember that keeping Gods commandments is the source of joy, so you don’t believe or understand the people of God when they claim that God has given them their happiness. We aren’t talking about the fake people of God, we are talking about the real people of God whom spend 20 hours of serving the poor for everyone hour reading scriptures. Not the hypocrites, but the true followers of Jesus. These true followers of Jesus are whom you see as having the deepest joy; nothing can conquer it though they pass through hell itself for the sake of righteousness, for the sake of the unending blessings it will pour out on the heads of the people of the earth. They are the saviors of men, and will appear as the Lord at the time of the Coming of the Lord. There is no real solution for world peace outside of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ isn’t a mere teacher, he is God. He didn’t just have good ideas, he had power to raise the dead. He didn’t just give His life for us, he was risen from the dead, and lives today. He didn’t just forgive the sinner in His day, he will also judge all mankind at the last day. He will determine whether our works have been good or evil, or somewhere in between, and assign us to a place in His kingdom where we can stand the most blessings. The righteous are more able to receive blessings, so they will be blessed more. The wicked cannot live the law of heaven, so they cannot abide in the highest heaven. They may abide in a lower heaven whose law they agree to abide, but they can never enter the highest heaven without surrendering to the laws of the highest heaven. This includes obedience to God even when we don’t understand all the reasons why God is asking us to do a certain thing. Behold the power of God, see it in the history of earth as recorded in the bible and book of Mormon, and see it manifest in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Read the book of Mormon, and pray to know if it is not true. Life the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and see if your life doesn’t improve for the better. Stop using liquors and harmful drugs, stop being sexually promiscuous, stop keeping all your money for yourself, stop avoiding marriage and childbearing, start praying to the Father in the name of the Son Jesus Christ, start worshiping with the Saints of God, start confessing your crimes and misdeeds to those offended, start becoming financially independent, start taking good care of your body, start worshiping God in his temples as erected by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Start turning your heart to your fathers by researching whom your ancestors are and being baptized proxy for them in the temples, so they too may have the blessings of salvation, for truly, baptism is the gate one must enter into Gods kingdom by. Why? Because God said so. Avoid baptism and you’ll never enter into the highest heaven, no, not ever! Baptism is the way we say “ok God, this is your kingdom, I’ll do whatever you ask. Want me to balance a rubber duckie on my head while I cook breakfast? Ok. This isn’t my program, it’s yours, and I’m just glad to be here.” Of course Gods symbols (baptism, temple ritual, etc.) are meaningful and not a vain thing like the duck on the head, but the point is that even if we don’t understand his symbols yet, that doesn’t mean we need to run away. Baptism is to represent a person being laid in a tomb, then rising out of that tomb. Why? because the central thing about Christ is that he will raise your body out of its tomb. Dead is a very short stop on the train of life. Without God and Christ whom is the messenger of God, life is a Shakespearean tragedy. There is no hope, for death comes, and ends our lot, be it sad or glad. But with Christ, we hope to rise from the dead, and know that all will rise from the dead. With Christ, we have hope, and can deal with the tragedy, knowing that this life is the temporary part, and that the greater is to come. Oh friends, believe in God! Try to believe! Try to obey! Gods blessings aren’t just for those who are good, but for those who try to be good! For those who are obeying him, and those who try to obey him! Like a parent helping a child to walk, God will help you obey his commandments if you try! What, you’ve stumbled before? Don’t give up! It’s not over till it’s over! Feel my love for you, and hear my witness as your friend that Christ lives, and has the power to save you! Finally, hear my witness that the power of Jesus Christ is found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and more knowledge of his kingdom is found there than anywhere on earth! Truths long lost have finally returned and are found in this church, praise the Lord! Come, feast on the words of Christ, which are in more abundance in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints than anywhere on earth! Want to know what happened to Gandhi? Celestial kingdom of God (the highest heaven). But he had no baptism! God’s got that taken care of via proxy baptisms; the dead live on as spirits, and await the return of their bodies made alive again, and while they wait, they are taught of the fullness of truth, which is that Jesus Christ is the Lord God whom created the earth, and that his are the ways of life. The spirit candidate (the dead person) may then praise Jesus Christ and accept baptism, for he had no chance to receive it in life! He had no understanding of it either! So God is kind, and works these things out. He doesn’t say “oh you didn’t hear / didn’t understand? Too bad!” No, this is not the Lord of the universe. The Lord of the universe is a just ruler, who takes everything into account when he makes his judgments, and he is a merciful judge! Do you have more questions about the operation of the universe, and the kingdom of God which organizes it? Of course you do! Talk to me, talk to someone whom has been acquainted with these things, be bold in your seeking! You may or may not be seeking God and Christ, but they are seeking you. They are relentless, and you’ll hear from them time and again. They aren’t going away, and they have sent prophets once again, like Joseph Smith, to whom they appeared in person, and have sent many more scriptures to. The days of Peter and Paul of the New Testament are upon us again, we now again have witnesses whom have seen the face of God, and whom have his power! Did Christ raise the dead? Yes. So do they whom have his authority. Joseph Smith raised someone from the dead. Prophets since Joseph Smith have raised people from the dead. Has anyone ever raised someone from the dead without the authority from the hand of Jesus Christ? No, not ever! Jesus Christ put his hand on the head of Peter. Then Peter appeared to Joseph Smith in about 1830 and put his hand on Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith passed it on to Brigham Young (these men aren’t perfect, only Jesus is perfect, but you would be hard pressed to find better men on earth than Joseph Smith and Brigham Young), and the authority has been passed on by hand to the current prophet Thomas S. Monson. By this direct transferal of power, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints claims the direct authority of God. The prophet Monson receives revelations about what the Church and the world need to do to be saved. Have you heard what he has to say? Oh you really should try it! Aren’t you a little curious? Don’t you want to at least know, even if you don’t believe? Then after you know what he says, don’t you want to believe? You must pray to God for this answer. Then will come the most powerful witness you’ve ever experienced in your life. So fellow wanderer, come, come and see what I have found!

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