Morality in Exchange for Equality: Ironic Feminism

Topics: modesty, feminism, cohabitation, rights, morality, premarital sex, the existence of right and wrong, rape, gun rights, out of marriage childbirth rates in 1950 vs now

It seems strange to me that often women speaking for women’s rights are the ones who parade in the semi-nude in public, with extravagant amounts of cleavage, the most form revealing clothes, and without pants or dresses covering their legs. I would think that those in favor of women would be the most modest, calling for a de-sexualization of their kind. Isn’t that the issue, that historically we have used women for sex and ignored their overall divine person, so capable in so many ways? Why then are the feminists often the ones who dress the most sexually?! Has feminism moved from “respect me” to “let me do whatever the blazes I want just because I’m not a male?”

Truly feminism has roots in “hey the men are scandalous, we’ve got to stop them!” and has become, “if the men are going to be scandalous, let us be scandalous too!” The fight for morality has been traded in for a fight for equality.

No longer do they bat an eye when it comes to non-marital cohabitation, pre-marital sex, out of wedlock birth, and other core issues which used to define feminism.

What was “right” used to be a series of values. Now what is “right” merely consists of “letting people do whatever they want.” It used to be if you did certain acts it was “bad.” Now the only “bad” act is “not letting people do what they want.”

The mark of the neo-righteous soul is vowing that “everyone shall do whatever they want, and anyone who gets in the way of that is a wicked tyrant!” Sounds like Satan’s premortal plan of “saving” everyone regardless of their choices. No one’s going to make any progress in that scenario. The real virtuous thing to do is help people make progress.

*One word of caution: I’m not saying that modern feminists call for rape being ok; they do denounce rape, but at the same time they disable youths, pushing them closer to rape situations by what they’re training the youths to do: ie have sex whenever with whoever regardless of marriage, etc. If that isn’t a breeding ground for rape I don’t know what is.

A friend of mine was in a sex therapist training required seminar. The topic came up that a professor used drugs to alter a pedophile which helped the pedophile gain normal sexuality, no longer pedophilia. Some hormones were manipulated, the person was introduced to adult relations, then the hormone was released again, allowing the man to feel love for the adults he came to befriend rather than the children. The attending therapists were outraged and said “why would you try to change his natural sexuality?!” of course they’re ignoring that pedophilia isn’t only obviously evil, but it’s illegal. This is yet another evidence of the terrifying culture of “whatever people want is right.”

In 1950 only 4% of all children were born outside of marriage; by 2007, in comparison, 39.7% of all children were born outside of marriage (U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, 2005, 2009b). Is this what we’ve been fighting for?

Of a similar nature is this topic raised from a recent school shooting, raising the gun purchase age to 21. If we raise the age for guns to 21, what about the college girls aged 17-20? Bazaar that even in the midst of the “Me Too” movement, we are calling for more vulnerability of women by not allowing them to carry weapons. Nature insists that men are usually stronger physically than women, so it makes sense for women to carry firearms. Even in Provo Utah “happy valley”, police will escort college girls home after dark. There’s not enough police to escort them all… Plus the gun ban would motivate predators to be more bold in their advances.


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