Biblical Context of Latter-day Saint Doctrine, a House Divided Principle, & The Achilles Heel of Preferring Past Prophets to Modern Prophets

Debate with a Protestant



LDS take scriptures out of context for their doctrines.

Nate (Latter-day Saint):

“Ultimately it boils down to this. The LDS interpret the bible differently than other faiths. We will never agree on bible interpretation. Thank God for the Book of Mormon to clarity bible doctrine, and thank God for modern prophets who clarify doctrine.”


“All Mormonism does is put a twist on very clear passages. It’s called eisegesis.”


“If the bible is so clear why is Protestantism one of the most divided faiths on earth (hundreds of different churches professing the ‘best’ interpretation of the bible). Ya’ll can’t agree. Mormonism brings new dynamic revelations which bring the scolding of others as they are doctrines of power and authority which hardly anyone can handle. As Jesus was to the Jews, so is Mormonism to the Protestants.
Just like misguided religious persons of the past, you praise prophets of the past (Peter, Paul, etc.) and reject prophets of the present (Joseph Smith, Russel Nelson, etc.). The convenient thing about believing in dead prophets is that they don’t tend to call you out on your misinterpretation of their words. Just like Jews raving about Moses to Jesus.”


“They are in disagreement in “some” things just like LDS are not in agreement over some things. But one thing we are all in agreement in is that the bible is very clear that there was no pre-existence.

That is a baffling view of prophets. Are you saying prophets are true prophets because they are rejected? What about the prophets of Baal in the bible? they were rejected as false prophets in their present time… So by your logic they were actually true prophets because they were rejected. Logic never seemed to be on the side of Mormonism.”


“You conveniently select random bits of pseudo logic to scoff at the Mormons. There are plenty of false prophets today. But Protestants can’t seem to acknowledge the possibility of true prophets living in our day who declare the correct interpretation of God’s word and reveal new words from God. What new Revelations have your prophets come up with to guide the people of our day? None. God speaks today collective messages for society via prophets like he always has done. At least the LDS have 1 united government, unlike the thousands of fragmented churches teaching different doctrines as seen in Protestantism. The LDS are organized in one great body of power to act United for the salvation of the human race. The Protestants are not.”


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