Versions of the Talmud

An Introduction by Spencer Cardwell   As far as translations of the Talmud, you first have to realize that you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for complete editions. Here is my thoughts on each major set.   The best copy of the Talmud is the   Complete Full Size Schottenstein Edition of theRead more

Is Genesis History? – Documentary Notes

I share these notes with permission of the author. Caution: these are my notes on my understanding of the presentation, and do not exactly capture the ideas presented.   -Mt. Saint Helens made geological structures which we usually attribute to being extremely old. Deep bedrock can be cut in just a few days with powerfulRead more

Biblical Context of Latter-day Saint Doctrine, a House Divided Principle, & The Achilles Heel of Preferring Past Prophets to Modern Prophets

Debate with a Protestant   Protestant: LDS take scriptures out of context for their doctrines. Nate (Latter-day Saint): “Ultimately it boils down to this. The LDS interpret the bible differently than other faiths. We will never agree on bible interpretation. Thank God for the Book of Mormon to clarity bible doctrine, and thank God forRead more

Increased Accountability and Expectation of the Latter-day Saints: Extra-Biblical Scripture & Exaltation (Theosis)

Response to a Friend   Firstly, we the Latter-day Saints believe we have more truth. Since truth is power, the old adage applies “with great power comes great responsibility” For instance, you are a Christian. Since you know about the motivating love of God, and the need to avoid hell, and the need to followRead more

Rebuttal to a Closed Cannon of Scripture Argument: It’s Open! God’s Words Never Cease

Response to Article about closed cannon of scripture “The Canon of Scripture (Wayne Grudem)” from as well as a few other questions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their doctrine. See also other compilations of mine on the subject: Continuing Revelation from God at ; and see The OnlyRead more