Learn Faster & Morning Routines by Jim Kwik – Lecture Notes

Here are notes on 2 lectures, one on learning faster, one on morning routines, both by Jim Kwik. Links to the full lectures will be presented.

Learning Faster: (Full lecture click here)


-attention is key to learning

-be bewildered

-play like a child

-info + emotion = long term memory

-we’re emotional not logical, because we’re biological not logical

-start with state; all learning is state dependent; emotional state you feel when learning gets anchored to learning

-boredom is 0 on a scale of 1 to 10, 0 x anything is 0, hence not remember

-the ability to learn quickly is a key advantage in the 21st century, because there’s so many distractions

-7th key to effective people by Covey is sharpen the saw; this means learn how to learn.

-playing more creates neurogenesis and neuroplasticity

-the theta brain wave state of creativity is the relaxed state, i.e. when in the shower; Einstein put himself in this often

-over info fatigue and digital distraction, become unable to focus and be present and get things done

-as you take on more responsibility you get more power

-procrastinators are in a state of procrastination, that’s the feeling

-as your body moves, your brain grooves

-common since is not often common practice

-learning isn’t a spectator sport

-you control how you feel; you’re a thermostat not a thermometer, you act not acted upon; you raise the temperature and the environment responds to accommodate it.

-Henry Ford “if you believe you can or if you believe you can’t, you’re right”. point your arm and rotate far as you can, the close your eyes and consider yourself going much further and how it would feel, then rotate again and you can go further because your belief has changed. You can also go more than you thought you could in your business, your body, etc.

-all behavior is belief driven

-energy, focus, memory, are not things you have, they are things you DO. You have control over it. It’s a strategy. There’s no such thing as a good or bad memory, only a trained memory, and an untrained memory.

-you can learn a strategy and it won’t help you unless your belief has changed

-your brain is like a super computer, and your self-talk is the program you will run. If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them. Your mind is always eves dropping on your self-talk. Monitor your self-talk.

-Being ‘too busy’ is seen as a badge of honor, it’s not.

-the worst thing you could do in the first hour of your day is touch your phone. Beta brain wave state is most alert. Then Theta (relaxed, creative), then Delta (asleep). Between Theta and Beta is Alpha, being a state for meditating, TV, entrancement, not filtering just taking it all it. Alpha is a good state to learn language, facts, etc.

-he was told 20 numbers and he repeated them back in order, and in reverse order.

-it was believed a 4-minute mile would kill you, but one person envisioned himself crossing the finish line at 3:59 and was able to do it. All behavior is belief driven. After he did it, though no one had before, now dozens of people were doing it.

-some waiters recall an entire order without writing it down.

– ‘the same level of thinking that’s created the problem won’t solve the problem’ -Einstein

-‘there is no learning without remembering’ -Socrates

-BE FAST: 6: Believe, Exercise, Forget (preconceived notions, prior knowledge; brain is like parachute, only works with open), Active (learning isn’t a spectator sport; you must create; get out what you put in), State (never learn in a bored state), Teach (learn with intension to teach it to someone else; when teach, you learn it twice)

-you have an inner child which is genius and can learn

-if you forget someone’s name it communicates to them that they are not important to you

-what would you tell your past self? What would your future self tell your present self?

-like a hatching egg, you must break it yourself or you won’t survive; the best ideas come from within



10 Morning Habits Geniuses Use to Jump Start the Brain by Jim Kwik (Full lecture click here)


Win the morning, and you’ll win the rest of the day.

This is the order of what Jim Kwik does each day:

-recall your dreams

-make your bed

-drink water

-brush your teeth with your opposite hand

-deep breathing exercise to get oxygen in your body

-make a drink with helpful ingredients

-journal, plan your day, gratitude (via counting what you have that money can’t buy). Da Vinci, Einstein, many geniuses write in journals, perhaps it is making them genius

-3-4 min of high intensity workout; whatever is good for your heart is usually good for your head, it gives more oxygen to your brain

-brain power smoothie

-read 30 minutes. 1 book per week. A CEO reads 4-5 books a month

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