Belief and Knowledge unto Obedience

The more I learn about nutrition the wiser choices I’m able to make since I go from believing to knowing that certain things are healthy, but I still know so little.

For example if I think a T-Rex is about to come to my house, I’ll probably leave. But if I know he is coming, I’ll leave immediately no questions even if it’s hard!

I must study and pray for an increased testimony of nutritional principles so i can put them into practice.

It’s the same way with the gospel: as we transition from belief to knowledge, we will more perfectly execute commandments. This life is a test because it’s so tricky to move from apathy to belief, and all the harder to move from belief to knowledge. However, it is possible. Elder McConkie said that when he baths the Savior’s feet with his fears, he will know no more certainly then than he does now that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of all mankind. There are others who similarly specifically have testified in General Conference that though they have not seen the Savior, they know that he lives, and they know him. Some say you can’t “know” the Book of Mormon is true, you can only believe. Well, Elder Holland and many others including I would certainly disagree with that.

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