Careers Benefits of Nursing Track VS MD Track

Careers Benefits of RN/NP/DNP VS MD (nurse track vs med Dr track)

by Nate Richardson,, 2018

Nurse can still become a Dr just small steps vs large step. Nurse gets AS for the job, and gets more pay as they get BS MS NP and Dr degrees in nursing (NP, DNP).

Nurses get jobs anywhere anytime, unlike Dr’s.
NP and Dr NP make a 6 fig wage.
Can’t work while in med school. Can with nurse.
Med school is a large financial and time commitment.
Med schools are very limited enrollment, unlike nontraditional private nursing school, which are very common.
Nurses don’t need to sell their souls to formal academic achievement like doctors do. They can have other things too like families gardens and studying politics history languages art etc.
Nurse requires no Bachelor degree to get hired. Nurse starts work in 1.5 years after high school. Dr needs 3-4 college years then 5ish more, so 8 years longer than nurse to get a job. You don’t want to put your family in hold that long.
Med school means major debt. Nursing can avoid much of that.
EMT, paramedic, LPN, MA, and CNA are dead end jobs low wage and no upward mobility. Jump into nurse school instead.

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