The Way of The True Man

There is a way of manhood, of the true man, even God our father, and we becoming like him, shed various things which are not compliant with the standard of his character (and there is a female counterpart hidden presently from view for sacred protection which pertains to our trial; we know she exists but do not as yet see her nor know her name).

This letting go will include sloppy whiney unnaturally sounding music. it will include being unclean and disorderly in dress and maintenance of possessions. It will include the dedication of one’s time to building the kingdom of God and learning useful things and becoming skilled persons, with knowledge of truth, and love of beauty and excellence. Lesser things will be let go, and higher things adopted, until the highest is obtained.

Many argue in favor of sloppiness, vanity, and claim that those who finer things are simply bias, and that various scenarios of varying valor coexist in the kingdom of God. But these opinions are merely reflections of weak character which will be purified. The person atop the mount must not be persuaded to come down but wait patiently for others to likewise rise. The kingdom of God is like unto various cities, some greater and some lesser, but those of the lesser will always be constrained to honesty confess that the higher are indeed higher! The man whose moral convictions are atop the mountain is Jesus Christ, and he will not come down.

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