Obedience to God Can Bring Seemingly Unrelated Blessings


to say only nature can reward us, i.e. not getting punishment for breaking laws of the land, is atheist. Obey God in, per se, writing in your journal, and God can bless you with finding a 5$ bill on the street. What does finding random currency have to do with writing about your day? Nothing. Yes there can be a blessing. Imagine a child with a parent, and you can understand how obedience to the parent can bring rewards in what ever way the parent sees fit, even if not directly relating to the action taken by the child. I clarify and repeat: there is a being in yonder cosmos who is involved in your life. He is God. Obey him, and he will interact with you in a positive way. It’s not merely that Gods laws are wise ideas. Some of them are strange, and seemingly irrelevant. But obey God, and be blessed. In other words, you can indeed be blessed for rendering obedience. Obedience for the sake of obedience. Getting a blessing for the sake of obeying. This philosophy requires theology, and is impossible with atheism. Is this true doctrine? Read your bibles. You’ll see the miracles of God. Look at Jesus healing those who wash in the same pool everyone else is washing in, yet they come away healed, despite prior bathing in that very place which would have been common in their lives. Look at Moses, whom went to cross the Red Sea at precisely the time it parted when everything was at stake. God told him what to do. He obeyed. He was blessed. Or consider Moses and the hand in the robe upon the word of God changing it. Yes, God is not a mere wise man, he is a God of miracles! If you don’t think you can and will be blessed merely for the sake of obedience to God, you deny that God is a God of miracles! God has more power. More science. More dominion, etc. God has already been through life and death and been resurrected. He has been there done that. He knows everything now. We are like toddlers in comparison to his operations, though we can learn much, and should we press on faithful, we will learn all he knows, and become like Him, our Father. Don’t children have the capacity to grow up to be like their parents? Yes. And God is our Father. Do you taste this? This is good doctrine. You can taste it.

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