Baseline Rules for Righteous Parenting



-don’t inflict physical harm

-don’t yell

-don’t instill fear

-don’t expect immediate obedience

-don’t withhold meals & snacks

-don’t isolate

-don’t humiliate/ridicule/belittle/mock

-don’t selectively enforce rules

-don’t make threats & rules you aren’t willing to follow through on




-out of control children should be kept near a parent until they regain control (as evidenced by a willingness to talk about the incident calmly)

-give logical consequences based on the infraction (instead of 1 size fits all ‘timeout’)

-explain natural consequences

-bond frequently

-reward those who obey

-if you feel out of control, put distance between yourself & the child

-counsel together to ensure all feel fairly treated

-ensure all understand expectations & consequences

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