Professional Rules for Any Job

-being late you upset everyone, even if they brush it off.

-don’t procrastinate what you’ve been asked to do.

-shaggy hair and clothes they perceive you as inefficient, no matter how they interact

-wearing a tie suggests authority, and should be done where possible.

-keep home positive so you can be positive at work. Do a weekly date with your wife, a weekly family home evening, attend the temple regularly, etc.

-don’t drag too much work to home, even just talking about the hard things at work that day can sap the spirit of the home and depress the family.

-a supervisor is a supervisor before a friend. They hold power over your employment/enrollment. Don’t be too casual with them, it’s their duty to report overly casualness.

-Be on your best behavior around everyone at work, as people will speak to each other of what they think of you, and that will get around to your supervisors and boss. What you don’t want your supervisor and boss to hear, don’t say to anyone. This also reminds us of an important marriage principle: If you wouldn’t say that around your spouse, do say it in her absence. Control the tongue, the scriptures say, and you’ll have mastered your whole person. This doesn’t mean live in secrets, it means live in dignity no matter where you are or who you’re with.

-be someone others like to be around

-good handwriting on work documents suggests you are putting effort into your work, strive to do well in this as it has social stigma we cannot ignore

-presentation of an idea is important because it assists the student learning. We may want to just pass on the info, but couching it in a way that is easily understood by the hearer will make a great difference.

-fill out paperwork correctly. This is fundamental, regardless of coworker behavior, or what seems acceptable even to your current supervisor. Do all of your core duties every time, and document this where applicable.

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