I Believe: Part 1

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I believe the human race is watched over by a divine all-powerful corporal being dwelling on his home planet. I believe that this man, our Father in Heaven, is perfectly compassionate and wise, and possesses all joy, knowledge, and power.

I believe we lived with our Father in Heaven for a very long time as intelligent spirits before we came to this earth. The intelligent self-possessed core of each individual person has always existed and will never cease to exist. When we came to earth we were given bodies, and though those bodies will expire for a season, they will return and be an essential component of life in eternity. Father has made arrangements for the entire human race to eventually overcome physical death in a universal reconstitution (resurrection) of our bodies, and that this will take place at a point in time in the near future. I believe that when the resurrection happens, we will continue as intelligent corporal beings indefinitely, just like our Father in Heaven. I believe that the power of intellect and the corporal body will be greatly expanded at that time, especially for those who have sought to align their lives with eternal laws.

I believe that our Heavenly Father is the prototype of the majesty of an exalted being, and that in the mortal ministry of Heavenly Father’s most advanced son, a divine being named Jesus Christ, we see the prototype of how to become like our Father in Heaven. I believe that our Father in Heaven created this earth to aid us in our quest to become as he is, given that said quest entails the reception of bodies and the acquisition of experience therein.

I believe that because of the benevolent government of our Father in Heaven, we are free to make choices. I believe that laws which govern the universe will dictate the consequences of those choices. I believe our Father in Heaven’s laws are the same as the eternal laws of the universe, and his compliance to these laws gives him maximum power and authority. I believe that our Father in Heaven has, in every generation, made us aware of these eternal laws. Father taught us eternal divine law face to face in the pre-mortal existence, and now teaches us through the operation of conscience, angels, and prophets.

I believe that our Father in Heaven has created an immense number of planets, many of which he has tailored, through specific astronomical arrangements, to suite human life. I believe these planets serve the same purpose to others of Father’s children as our earth does for us. Father’s desires for the complete progress of his children are universal and apply to each of us individually. I believe that our Father in Heaven has power over all his operations which affect us, and that he allows us to have the agency to make our own moral choices. Though eventual punishments and rewards will be allotted to us from Father for our choices, we are free to decide how we will act. In that punishments and rewards are not immediate in this life, our time on earth is a test.

I believe that to make mercy available to us, Father in Heaven directed his most advanced son, a divine being named Jesus Christ, to perform a vicarious atonement in our behalf. I believe that everyone, even those who feel weak unclean or simple, can become like our Father in Heaven as they sincerely attempt to make good choices today, and, when they understand and believe in the role of Jesus Christ, access his assistance.

I believe our families are a prototype of the lifestyle of our Father in Heaven, intended to exist indefinitely and grow exponentially unendingly. I believe that sexual relations outside of a marriage between a man & woman are not in keeping with the laws of life, and do not contribute to the progress of our species, nor the individual development of the individual eternal soul. Celibacy or ideological rejection of marriage and childbearing cut a person off from their potential to become like our heavenly parents.

I believe it is a moral obligation of all people to seek and share knowledge. Further we uphold proper government which protects people in their basic needs while allowing them freedom to enjoy growth in the direction of their choice. I believe it is the primary moral obligation of people, not government, to administer to the poor. I believe in voting for what you believe to be morally right to be put into law.

I believe that our Father in Heaven responds to the unprecedented evil in our world by sending us unprecedented truth and power. While I believe that these gifts of truth and power are embodied in and administered through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I believe the has good things in store for all people of good will everywhere, regardless of their beliefs. Further, I believe that to assist us in establishing world peace and personal progress, our Father in Heaven will against send Jesus Christ among us, this time to be the king of all earth for 1,000 years. I believe that this millennium of peace and good government will commence in the very near future.

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