50 Last Days Events: A Chronology from “Understanding the Book of Daniel” by Duane S. Crowther

These are 50 last days events identified by Duane Crowther. He has done extensive research on this and other gospel subjects and is a renown Latter-day Saint author. In the book there are supporting references from scriptures ancient and modern, as well as supporting and clarifying statements from the prophets. Some of his other books which even further ratify this chronology include “Prophecy: Key to the Future” and “Inspired Prophetic Warnings”


Events 1-6 are done, we are likely in event 7.


  1. The apostasy
  2. The coming forth of the Book of Mormon
  3. The restoration of the Church
  4. The beginning of the times of the Gentiles
  5. War poured out upon all nations
  6. The period of preparatory wars


  1. The fullness of the times of the Gentiles
  2. The rising of slaves against their masters
  3. WW3
  4. The saints to suffer persecution


[11-14 occur concurrently]

  1. The fulfilling of the times of the Gentiles
  2. Saints in foreign lands will gather to the Americas
  3. The gospel will be taken from the Gentiles and later given to Israel
  4. God will pour out his judgements upon the Earth


  1. Internal wars in the US
  2. World-wide revolutions and deterioration of governments occur as the period of wars of total destruction begins
  3. The saints in America will gather to places of refuge in the western mountains (& other designated places of refuge)
  4. The political kingdom of God will be established
  5. The law of consecration will be established

*20. The New Jerusalem and its temple will be built in Missouri

  1. The conversion of the Lamanites
  2. The 10 tribes of Israel will come from the north to Missouri
  3. Christ will come to the New Jerusalem temple
  4. 144,000 high priests will be called
  5. A period of great plagues & destruction
  6. WW4, a universal conflict
  7. The coming of the Ancient of Days and the Savior to the council at Adam-ondi-Ahman
  8. The fall of the great and abominable Church
  9. The gathering to the New Jerusalem & its rise as a world center of influence
  10. The gathering to the land of Israel of the scattered remnants of Judah

30 & 31. General references to the gathering of the House of Israel

  1. The removal of the 10 tribes from America to the land of Israel
  2. The rule of David the prince
  3. The construction of the temple in Jerusalem
  4. Israel’s political affairs (pre/during Armageddon)


[35-38 occur concurrently]

  1. The Battle of Armageddon
  2. The fall of Rome
  3. The appearance of Christ on the Mount of Olives
  4. The conversion of the House of Israel


*39. Christ will come to the Jerusalem temple and place His glory upon Zion

  1. A mission to the heathen nations
  2. Israel’s growth following the Battle of Armageddon

*42. Christ’s coming in glory

*43. The 1st resurrection, resurrection of the righteous

  1. The Millennium
  2. The Battle of Gog & Magog
  3. The 2nd resurrection, resurrection of the unrighteous
  4. The final judgement
  5. The crowning & exalting of Christ & the saints
  6. The dissolution of the Earth and its heaven
  7. The re-creation of the Earth as a celestial world

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