Time Changer – Movie Review

About a bible scholar from the 19th century who learned by traveling to the future that we can’t just teach good morals, we need to teach the authority of Christ who gave those morals. When we just teach morals, it becomes open to debate. Instead, teach who gave those morals, name the name of Jesus Christ. Some absurd things this man sees in our day include children disobedience to parents, actors kissing each other without being married, adults kissing in front of children, people being bored at church, people not going to church, people singing songs at church but having no real devotion to Christ, people of Christ claiming his name but being unwilling to obey his commands, women dressing immodestly, children being raised to not know why certain things are right and others wrong, no prayer or mention of scripture in schools, an inability to even discuss the bible in schools, movies taking the Lord’s name in vain, no one being interested in doing missionary work, improper flirtation, television immorality, churches seeking members through the fun social activities they offer rather than a gospel message, children lying to their parents, etc.

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