Dear BYU President Worthen, Stop Campus Immodesty

The following is a letter I recently wrote to BYU President Worthen on the increasing immodesty on campus.


Professor Worthen,


I am a recent BYU graduate. In my wonderful years at BYU, I was terrified by how immodest the women dress. Please take greater measures to enforce the dress code. The skirts are shirt, & the pants are tight. This is very distracting. Many women have no clue how this affects men. This is a religious school. Those who don’t respect our religion do not need to attend. When going to a Muslim or Catholic school, they have their standards, take it or leave it. We too should have standards, those who object can find an education elsewhere. The Church subsidizes this university with the tithing dollars of the saints, and I have subsidized it with many of mine, but the way things are going, I hesitate to encourage my children to attend here more than about anywhere else, as our standards aren’t much better than other places (and other places don’t pretend to be following prophetic standards). Since the students are proving incapable of governing themselves in these matters, I strongly suggest a school uniform. Truman G Madsen used to speak about how pitiful it is that we have the fullness of the gospel, but aren’t willing to live BYU dress code. I fear that the code itself is far too lenient (and very loosely enforced). We live in a secular world, but we don’t need to follow all trends to consider ourselves educated modern and kind to others.


Thank you

Nate Richardson

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