A Dream of a Zion Refuge City Being Built in Rural Utah 12.19.20

I dreamed a vivid dream of a revelation. My wife and I were basically hand carting further south into Utah. It was most hard we were unsure if we would live. We were then given a booklet where appeared full color and full detail images of the future.

We saw that the area we were trekking was to become a metropolis, filled with dozens of temples. We saw detailed street maps of the whole thing.

We turned the pages and saw the report of our lifespans, which showed us that we would in fact not die. Mine said something like ending in 430 or 450 Meg’s said something like ending 150, I was lead to understand it meant a new era, that hers went over and into the new era, a new calendar of counting based on a turn such as the millennium beginning. I really don’t remember the dates. But however it worked, I understood that Meg actually perhaps lived longer than me, or that she transitioned soon after me, I don’t know. But the main idea we got from it was that we would not die. But on the page it showed month day and year very specific. I think it was our death date as in when we moved to the next phase, not that we would be entombed, but that there was a set day for when we would be changed to the wonderful state of translation or resurrection. We saw that God knew exactly what would happen in our futures.

One of the maps showed the 12 tribes of Israel and we saw there was much missionary work to be done in the land round about, and that perhaps it was laying out settlements for each tribe. I understood that either the tribes of Israel had been there, or were to be there in the future, or both.

I recall something of distress before getting the notebook pages. We had no time to bury the dead. There were strange explorings. At times I think we were in a hurry due to being pursued. We tried to shield the children from many of these things as they would not understand.

I tried to memorize the pages but was so awe struck that I could not.
We stared at it a while. I wondered if it would disappear at some point. I tried to take photographs of the pages of the booklet as I was desperate to remember their contents and it was way too much information to learn all at once, but when I tried to take photos it disappeared and the photos did not develop. The photos were only gray like ash. Where the revealed pages were they instead became blank as before the miracle.

I was filled with pure joy and could not be stopped. I then knew all would be well. This dream came to me at a trying time when the pressures of managing my family were almost overwhelming. Perhaps the trekking is an allegory of how in raising our children now we are doing great pioneer work and need to press on in it to await glorious fulfillment. Perhaps it means both.

The images of the booklet were so vivid, I could tell you the shapes of the buildings of the metropolises, where the temples were to be built, etc. The place I think was just south of where I now live in a rural area of Utah but I’m not sure. The death dates clearly indicated we would survive and live into the new era.

The location of this was apparently an area in which pioneers had gone before and some remnants of their going were left behind such as old wheels with notes in them from days of pioneers.

In the dream we tried to tell the people around us about the vision but none seemed to care much. Before I had the chance of relating the visions and as I tried writing them, I awoke, realizing I was writing them only in the dream, and then I penned this account to the best of my memory.

The booklet pages were about ten pages. Each page showed the mind and will of God for the future development of the area I was in. We came to understand that we weren’t in the middle of nowhere as we had supposed, but in a most choice promised land. my ideas for the future were dwarfed in comparison to the utopia presented in the booklet. I think part of it was in video and I saw the area just flooding full of buildings temples etc. It was a Zion establishment meaning it was of the righteous. I usually hate big cities as they are so corrupt dirty and nameless and socialist, but this one I looked upon with great anticipation as the company there was to be God fearing people. I almost felt to kiss the soil which seemed so barren then as it was to become a booming zion city of the Lord.

I don’t remember very tall buildings, perhaps some, but lots of temples and zion friendly establishments.

In the baren place we were suddenly it seemed not so barren with the prospect of such a future and the knowledge that we were not the first there as we hitherto had thought. It was perhaps showing the book of Mormon people’s had lived there. And perhaps even people of the Bible. I felt to look for more artifacts.

My impression was that I was to help settle the area and would yet enjoy the culmination of it. There was much missionary work that would need to be done with everyone coming there. I had long hoped of doing much missionary work and it seemed instead of me going out to find them as was the case in my first mission, this time they would come to me (to that place where I was helping with the organization and preaching), in droves. They would come as refugees to this place. That was the impression.

I received a priesthood blessing by my request a few days ago which counseled me to not just study the scriptures, but to take time to ponder and pray vocally. This dream came while I was overwhelmed and resting in the evening and had fallen asleep before I usually retire. I think I push myself so hard sometimes that the Lord can’t give me these communications, me making myself too busy. Hard to say.

My wife and I had just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary but we were still stressed with our many children and duties. I was upset and worn out and trying to rest, but woke with no more ill feelings after this dream.

Again I cannot say if elements of the dream were symbolic. I do know it will help me to press forward in upcoming days when things may continue to seem trivial. I fear trekking and we were in a desert, but perhaps it meant the trek we are undergoing to raise our family now. In the dream my wife and I saw the pages and the unfolding of the future of the area, and it gave us needed hope.

I do believe many elements of this dream will literally occur. Whatever it’s fulfillment, was beyond a dream.

I am a school teacher and have often wondered what my trade would be in a society of new beginnings and economic collapse. But I saw that things worked out. (Intermediate hard times? I don’t know). I also saw that I would be very busy, and happily so, in helping to organize the city, to help the people there, etc.

I’m quite confident that this city was in Utah, not Missouri. I do live near somewhat where this unfolded but I could not identify the area well. I think there was a barren canyon we were going through when the booklet pages appeared to us in our distress. It was an area of Utah currently barren and uninhabited, but which would become a mighty city.

It’s hard for me to say whereabouts in Utah but it definitely felt like Utah. I live near in a rural area of central Utah and it felt like something sort of close to there or a little bit further south, perhaps not all the way to Cedar City and so forth I don’t know, perhaps the entire area will become a great place of refuge. My dream did indicate very large scale gatherings of the saints in the area.


In my studies of the last days I believe there have been several prophets who have said not everyone will go to Missouri; some will stay in Utah and other places and build those places up as places of safety and refuge for many.


There are prophecies that the rural areas of Utah will be flooded with inhabitants fleeing from other war-torn areas of the United States. I also recently heard of a prophecy by George Albert Smith (not sure on the source) that Saints from California would come running to Utah but most of them too late.


But the general prophecies about Utah as a place of refuge for forthcoming judgments are many.

I found many of them in Dwayne Crowther’s book Prophecy Key to the Future which is a hallmark book on the subject.


I think wherever we are called to serve is an honor, it doesn’t need to be in Missouri the New Jerusalem itself. Besides, who’s to say we won’t be translated and able to instantaneously travel?!


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  1. That’s an amazing dream. I believe Zion will reach much farther than Missouri, I believe it will encompass many stars. Thank you for sharing this.

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