Summary of Libertarian VS Conservative by Joel Skousen: Emphasis on Enforcing Penalties for Negative Consequences of Free Actions

The following is shared with permission in September of 2021. It is a note from Joel Skousen in response to my inquiry about where he is libertarian and where conservative in his politics:


I’m a libertarian on almost all issues when carefully defined.  My solutions are not, however, in line with the Libertarian party.  For example, I anti-abortion under the libertarian principle that a person can walk away from the consequences of their free choices.  People are free to have sex with anyone they want, but neither the man or woman is free to walk away from the consequences of pregnancy.  When they create new, independent life at conception, they can’t violate the fetuses’ life.  While I believe people are free to take drugs, or drink alcohol, they are not free to walk away from consequences if under the influence they violate other’s rights.  I would propose enhanced penalties for damage or death to others under the influence of alcohol or drugs sufficient to become a heavy deterrent.  In my view people are free to engage in homosexual behavior but it would be a violation of other’s rights for government, which has to represent everyone to recognize their cohabitation as a marriageGovernments only role in defending marriage is to make sure children as a product of marriage are cared for by the parents.  It should not be against any law to do pornography, or be immoral, but the marriage contract should be enforceable by civil suit against both the partner who violates their marriage covenant and the person they do it with.  Sending pornographer or making it available to a minor would be a violation of the parental-child relationship and would be subject to civil action.  All these things take government out of the business of enforcing Biblical mandates, but makes all these sins accountable under contract violations. 


Lastly, you make libertarian law enforceable on others by a citizenship compact.   Everyone has to qualify for citizenship when reaching 18 years of age, —not citizenship by birth to non citizens, and children live under the citizenship of their parents until 18 or they rebel against the parents and are stripped of parental protection.  Those who don’t want to abide by the citizen compact and be subject to these laws are expelled from the country.  There would also be a resident category for those who have yet to qualify for citizenship—they would still be required to obey all laws, and pay taxes but wouldn’t be able to own titled property until the qualified for citizenship.  They’d have to rent things.


I outline all this in my law and government section at


Best,  Joel

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