The Porn Myth by Matt Fradd – Book Highlights & Commentary

PROFESSIONALS CHILDREN PROSTITUTION RELIGION VIOLENCE INCREASING PROBLEM DESENSITIZING MARRIAGE NOT PAYING STILL CONTRIBUTES GAMBLING ADDICTION   This is a hard book to listen to, it’s definitely one to be approached with caution.   PROFESSIONALS: While there’s a few porn actresses who glorify and what they do, say it doesn’t harm them, and say empowers them,Read more

Summary of Libertarian VS Conservative by Joel Skousen: Emphasis on Enforcing Penalties for Negative Consequences of Free Actions

The following is shared with permission in September of 2021. It is a note from Joel Skousen in response to my inquiry about where he is libertarian and where conservative in his politics:   I’m a libertarian on almost all issues when carefully defined.  My solutions are not, however, in line with the Libertarian party. Read more