Pickering: Opening of the 7th Seal: A Timeline, 3 Videos – Links & Notes

(See the videos for greater (and more precise) detail, these are just a few things I jotted while listening to the lectures.)

Part 1

Dc77:6 the temporal time of man is 7000 years, 1000 of it millennium, so 6000 years of man before it.

Adam born at 0.

Astronomical sign of Abrahams birth

3961bc Adam, add 6000 it’s 2039.
Ages of patriarchs etc, it says yet but not month. Months could add up to give a few decades of variation, average 6months to take into account the difference of birthdays. It’s 20 generations, avg 10, so add that it’s 3971 and 2029, add 1 because there’s no year zero, it’s 2030 saviors return.
It’s trumpets to trumpets.
It can’t be sooner than 2027 or later than 2034.

Pegan religions are the whore who rides the beast. Catholic church is mostly pegan, Constantine a really bad guy, Ester goddess for Easter, background of killing children and dying eggs in their blood , and Christmas not at Christs birth but at a pegan holiday.

Antiochus epiphanies was a type of the Antichrist

The West is Graco Roman culture. Romantics means roman antics. The pagan empire got a beast heart.

The holy days were not frivolous they are the appointments on God’s calendar. The moed. The last week of Christ fulfills it precisely as will the return. The Exodus was a perfect type of Christ’s last week of life. When Christ rode the donkey in his last week it was on the donkey reserved for carrying the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb to the temple. The people were already learning the streets. His followers praised him and the Pharisees said hey stop that and Jesus said if they didn’t praise me the rocks would cry out. Nisan 10 of the Hebrew calendar.
Thursday night he has the Seder service with his disciples. On the Hebrew anniversary of the Angel of death passing over Jesus does the atonement. It’s when the angel of spiritual death passed over you. The evening and the morning are the same day the same evening of the Seder service the next day is the crucifixion. At 3:00 is when the high priest stops the service of sacrifices at Passover and he says I thirst and they bring him water then he raises his hands and says it is finished. and it’s at 3:00 when the crucifixion was over in Christ said I thirst then he says it is finished as his hands were raised.
Three days later the first fruits offering takes place and the priests are waving the offering to the heavens while Jesus appears to marry and says touch me not I have not yet presented myself as the first fruit to God. He is the first fruit.

Part 2

He thought it was 3.5yr trib, it’s likely 7yrs. We escape 2031-2034 the wrath, but we have the 2024-2031 tribulation. By the end of 2024 things will get real messy. America will lose it’s world influence.

Ezra eagle could be misread, we could be reading the wing upside down. But we still have sets of leaders taken out in the 2024 election cycle.

Time translates to moed, meaning feasts. It’s a calendar year of appointments. That’s why it means a year. Time times and a half is 7 years.

Adam is our father, this earth is his home, even Christ honors that at Adam ondi Ahman. It’s like if your dad comes into your home, he honors your authority in your home even though he is your dad.

Part 3

2024 is the last election
2024 is the last astronomical sign God will give America by way of warning

Adam ondi Ahman particularly 50 days after that at Pentecost is where the 144,000 get their marching orders. It’s 50 days of meetings. It’s like the New Testament apostles who were told not to go out until they are endowed with power. Then they go out into the chaos and rescue repentant individuals as a hunter out of individual situations.

One Resurrection takes place at Adam ondi Ahman and another 2034.

The Earth likely becomes terrestrial in pieces Missouri Zion happening first and the people see it and say that place wow they’re afraid of it it is visible like the city of Enoch. They won’t understand it.

He thinks the New Jerusalem time is when the city of Enoch returns.

Israel doesn’t believe in the New Testament the Jews they don’t believe it they take the mark of the beast gladly you have a time of relative peace while we are in our tribulation time.

Taking the mark of the beast won’t necessarily damn you forever but it will make it so you have to go through the wrath, so if you don’t take the mark of the beast you can at least be delivered at 2031.

King of the North Shiite turkey etc think of the South SUNY and the Saudis and Jordan. America backs them both.

The 10 tribes are referred to as part of the Assyrian power that comes in to school us, which is Russia, after they come ruffle us up many of them stay and become converted. There’s a strong case that the 10 tribes are in this Russia area many of them getting their blessings patriarchal blessings showing they are from these tribes. A pole shift could cause the big earthquake bridge etc.

It is unlikely that the coming of the Mount of Olives is the time of the coming to the whole world. It could be 5 years from that time meaning 34 to 39, the time until the wedding supper.

David servant, during half hour silence, during our wilderness experience. It could just be the time we prove worthy by not taking the mark for 3.5 yrs.

At the end of Christ’s life the Pharisees were in big trouble, lots of apostasy. The Church in the last time may have lots of issues.

Woman at the well the 5 husbands represent the 5 beasts of revelation. He spends 2 days with them, the 2000 years, and Hoses after 2 days I will revive you. She was Samarian, mixed, like us. What sets a gentile aside is covenant. Luke 9 says when he was ready to return to Jerusalem they don’t receive him. We don’t either.

We are just one of 3 branches of God’s people. Us Ephraim, then the tribes, and Jews. Those 3 branches going into wedding celebration. The faithful in all those groups go to the wedding feast luau.

Joseph Smith said the head of the dispensation of the fullness of times is Adam. He might rule from the new Jerusalem, and Christ from Jerusalem. The law from America, mercy from Jerusalem.

Times of the gentiles was not ended in 1948. Time of the gentiles doesn’t end until Jerusalem is no longer oppressed.

The beginning of the millennium is not the lion lying down with the lamb it’s the judgment. The desolation. His conjecture is that Adam on diamon and New Jerusalem become a terrestrial state. As a progressive State for the rest of the world to become terrestrial it may take until 2040. DC88 when the 7th still opens we in Zion become a terrestrial state and Satan is cast down the rest of the world still has to deal with him.

Note this could mean the 144,000 continue preaching until then, and a half hour of silence spanning perhaps 21 years after all.

Not the leadership but as a nation the Russian people are righteous.

2034 through 2040 could be a gathering time as the world becomes terrestrial

2029 there’s a very near pass by of a comet

2040 there is a major conjunction of the planets virtually all of them

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