Timeline Brief, Best I can Figure, Oct. 2023

Oct. 2023:


2024 April 8 eclipse marks an x over new Jerusalem area (other strike was 2017.) Final warning. 7 years plenty 2017-2024, 7 years famine 2024-2031.

End of 2024 is presidential election, very likely that based on Ezras Eagle prophecy, and Book of Mormon parallels, that several aspiring leaders will be taken out, and Biden will rule shorter time than Trump did. Soon a tyrannical one world government comes on stage to oppress the saints.

2024-2031 is 7 years of tribulation, and the establishment of Zion the new Jerusalem. Also civil war in America. When your home is Zion, a pillar of fire will protect it. We aren’t there yet… May need to gather to safe places. The West is likely going to be a safer area where refuges from the east come flowing into. This is an exciting time for the righteous, and not so exciting for those who haven’t been taking their religion seriously.

2031 Adam ondi Ahman, Adam becomes the boss of America for 1000 years.

2031-2034 battle of Armageddon, 144k missionaries give final harvest call, alongside angels and resurrected and translated beings

2034 Christ comes to the Jews at Mount of Olives. Christ becomes the boss of Jerusalem for 1000 years.

(Remember, Joseph Smith said those at the time of Christ WILL know the time of his coming, as Amos 3:7 says the Lord reveals everything he does to his servants.)

Special thanks to Robert Huff and Farrel Pickering, their work with Daniel’s prophecy and the holy days.


A little more detail:


Live off of food storage during the next forthcoming hard times, then go to New Jerusalem. Many have seen a season of living in tent cities in vision as things get bad. Seven years of famine ahead, but the saints don’t see the full weight it. 2014 President Monson said “now is the time to prepare” and restructured the self reliance organizations – from then to now were the seven years of plenty (Nelson 2018 says “time is running out” and 2020 says “this is a hinge point”). (Timing of this I could be off on, of course, some Evidences point to 2024 as the famine starting time) Having food storage before going to Zion when chaos breaks out will be the modern “passover” before the modern “exodus”. Whilst the saints flee to safety, civil war rages in the US, and European nations fall one by one. The US Constitution is saved but not in Washington, it goes to the New Jerusalem and is held up as the law there. US government collapses.


Somewhere in the mix is the oppressive rule of the antichrist, which also involves pressure to walk away from Christ and take the mark of the beast (whatever that is (not just a vaccine)).


Joseph smith returns and leads us back to Missouri just like the Zion’s camp march, and to give us the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon (which had a more complete account of the world from creation to it’s end). On the exodus to Missouri saints are fed miraculously like the manna of the first Exodus. In Zion we live celestial laws of consecration and likely plural marriage. Without celestial law, no Zion. In Zion Christ is among us, the millennium of peace has for all intents and purposes already began there. We use Urim and Thumims in the schools there, and learn all true science history and cosmology.


The ten lost tribes of Israel return to Missouri a few years into the hard time, a pattern just like happened in the Egypt famine when joseph’s 10 brothers came to Egypt. These tribes come from an undisclosed location “in the north” miraculously, lead by John the revelator, who was translated and never tasted death. These tribes bring their scripture with them which show Christs ministry to them, etc. During Joseph Smith’s mortal ministry, Ephraim began to be gathered, and some of the lost tribes, but greater fulfillment of the keys given in this dispensation specifically related to the lost ten tribes will yet show miraculous events.


In Zion (the New Jerusalem in Missouri), a missionary army of 144,000 (12,000 from each of the 12 tribes) are assembled, and translated (changed into a state where they can’t die) so they can go among the world in the midst of the plagues etc. without dying, giving final call outs to come to Zion and God. Then Adam-Ondi-Ahman meeting with Adam and Christ.


THEN 7th seal opens and plagues, Armageddon, prophets in the streets for 3.5 years etc go down in Jerusalem and we preach to Jews. Then Christ comes to the Jews on the mount olives. Some Jews convert to the Lord’s church. At some point a temple is built in Jerusalem. There may be a “Davidic king” who righteously rules in Jerusalem, Ezekiel says his name will be David. Some say it’s an unknown person named David, others say John, others Joseph Smith, others Christ himself.


Then we teach heathen (nom-Christian) nations of china India etc. Then Christ comes in glory to the whole world, destroying what wickedness remain. Those who are honorable citizens can survive this if the rest of the wars plagues famines etc haven’t wiped them out, as they don’t have the same protection as the followers of Christ. Some followers of Christ will die too as a consequence of the general conditions of hardship, but they have the most hope for deliverance.


At some point, the mountains are flattened, and the waters return to the poles. The continents come back together, and earth returns to the place of its origin, near the throne of God.


The destruction of the wicked is “the end of the world”, then 1000 years of peace, no death, and prosperity take place.


Then after a final victorious stand against Satan and dissenters, earth is transformed into a celestial heaven planet forever. Then the saints become Gods, making worlds for their posterity to dwell, just like our Father in heaven has done for us.

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