Pickerings on Daniel’s Hour of Judgement – Links & Notes

Pt 1


3971bc fall
There’s no 0 year
Christ ministry 30ad
Woman well 31ad, tells her in 2 days, so 2031.

Lucifer fell from heaven but we still see him talking to job and talking to God about Job.
Star falls from heaven it is God’s wrath it could be Satan in person coming to Earth. And there’s always more chosen heirs of Satan.

A Time of 2,000 years is 200 years and 2030 is when we’re 200 years from the restoration of 1830, the gentiles get the gospel for 200 years.

The tribulation hasn’t started yet you can still go to Costco.

The second eclipse 2024 through America is the end of the warning to America. The sign could happen a little bit before the fall.

Jesus had his final week those seven days that was his hour no we have our hour a week of 7 years we have to be the saints we have to do our mission.

Those who are outspoken will be on the front lines very well could be taken out.
You’re not supposed to just get out of the tribulation that’s not your mission it wasn’t Christ’s mission either and apostle said no Lord but Jesus said yes this has to be.
When the 7th still opens the millennium starts but it’s not the time of Peace yet it’s the time of Christ’s rule and he has to clean things up first before there’s peace.

Joseph Smith said The binding of the tears is The binding of the mind. Today we see people buying into bologna.
It’s going to be like the days of Noah not meaning there’s only eight people but meaning the people’s minds are so captivated they refuse to be gathered. They are bound so no man can lose them think of the missionaries they can’t persuade these people.

The hour is 7 years so the half hour of silence is three and a half years it’s the first segment of the tribulation (2024 through 2027) it’s when the saints are tested the half hour of silence it seems like the Lord is quiet to us. That is our time of testing.
The 10 Kings get one hour with the beast one seven year period.
Babylon in 1 hour thy judgment is come it comes in 7 years therefore.
The last week of Christ was his hour yet Gethsemane was the most intense and similarly it will be the most intense at the end of this 7 years, the abomination of desolation nukes etc, that’s the part we want to be out of.

Isaiah verse, past shows the future

God tells those who ask

The time of the end is near is now because we now have an understanding of Daniel
Which understanding was reserved for the end

Daniel 9 precisely predicted the time of the Lord’s coming the Hebrews changed their whole calendar to get around it. Joe’s today know that the calendar was fudged combining multiple things into one but they’re refused to change it back because it points to Jesus as the Messiah.

The anniversary of the same midnight hour that the angel of death passed by the Israelites is when Jesus performed the Passover sacrifice

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