Robert Huff Timeline – Latter Day Prophecy – Understanding Daniel’s Numbers – Video Links & Screenshots

Latter Day Prophecy – Understanding Daniel’s Numbers (Part 1)

Robert Huff timelines

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

A few notes

2017-2024 7 yrs plenty
Eclipse x separates them
2024-2031 7 yrs famine, but also happy AoA Zion etc.

At time of abomination of desolation, AoA comes soon.

AoA is a translation event we can all attend and all the ancients.


RS Robert Huff Screenshots quick share edition 10.29.23

2 thoughts on “Robert Huff Timeline – Latter Day Prophecy – Understanding Daniel’s Numbers – Video Links & Screenshots

  1. Rob: I have just finished watching Video 3 for the second time (as with the first two videos…) and am in awe of what you have brought together. I have felt greatly inspired and uplifted. My wife and I are on a senior mission in New Zealand, and seek to understand, among other things, why President Nelson speaks so frequently of preparing for the Savior’s second coming. I have studied the last days for 5 decades, and found your approach very convincing and it resonates with what the Spirit has told me. You “owned” in Video 3 that there might be errors in your presentation. I would love to speak with you about a few things that the Spirit has taught me, that might straighten a couple of struts in your “scaffolding.” Are you up for a Zoom meeting discussion? I suspect you get many requests for your time, and have to allot it wisely. I promise I won’t waste your time; if I can’t “hook” you in 10 minutes, I’ll not be offended if we need to stop at that point. I sincerely hope you’ll take the risk and hear what I have to say. And again, so many thanks for such cogent presentations.

    1. Gary – Rob Huff has great stuff, I’m not Rob but I have presented key items from his presentations, I’ve been able to communicate with him on Facebook messenger, you might try that. God bless!

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