Musical Instruments: Theory, Composition, Resources, Tips, Videos

Here are a few resources on learning instruments generally, then we will look at instruments individually.   Here is a great video on how learning music should be fun, rather than obsessed with teaching sight reading. Playing an instrument can be fun, that’s why we want to learn and teach it, more so than forRead more

5 Prophetic Warnings about Music, & Other Media Guidelines

Sections: 5 Prophetic Warnings about Music Our Duties Regarding Music & Entertainment Church Approved Music Pre-Screening Basics Know the Background Seek & Stand in Holy Places Cultivate Creation Beware Desensitization Prepare for Zion Excuses aren’t Valid: You Knew God is Charming Christian Priorities Seek & Find Separating the Art from The Artist: A Virtue andRead more

Music Library Excerpts

Music Library Excerpts by Nate Richardson Updated 1-24-18 Bach Wagner Mozart Beethoven Tchaitovsky Vivaldi Strauss Gershwin Ralph Vaughan Williams, “Dives and Lazarus” (Kolob tune from this) Haydn Chopin Mahler Brahms Rachmaninov Debussy Handel Liszt The Passion of the Christ Voices from Heaven: by Sacred Songs of Mary Sacred Songs of Angels: various artists,Read more

Music Playlists Master List of Links to Google Play

Music Playlists Master List By Nate Richardson updated 1-6-18 I have 2 qualifiers for my music: it sounds good, and it’s message is not evil. These songs are suitable for recreation & therapy. The links are automatically updated with new songs. I’d love to hear suggestions! 50’s, 80’s, Abuse, Addiction, Adoption, Angel, Apostacy,Read more