The Need to Defend Truth by Elder Christofferson to Religious Educators – Lecture Notes

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– “It has always been important not only to teach but to defend truth, and in our time that need seems to be growing,”
-truth is unaffected by our preference or opinions or lobbying, it is a fixed reality
-moral relativism doesn’t work if we are to have a just society; robbing isn’t ok just because you believe it is or because you grew up in a group who thought it ok. Another example, is it right for a man to sexually harass a woman because he finds it in accordance with his personal standard of right and wrong?
-not judging has become an almost unchallengeable standard for our behavior, but we all make -judgements for ourselves and those around us
-teach the truth of moral concepts; what they are, how far they extend
-we prize truth on any subject from any source, but eternal truth we must obtain from God
-56% of Americans say it is not needed to have religious belief to be a good person; God not a prerequisite for morality and being a good person; while it’s true that atheists or non-religious persons are most often good people, we know good people aren’t good without God; even if unaware, people have the light of Christ, and thus has a sense of right and wrong which we call conscience.

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