Grow Where You Are Planted: Why to Stop Moving Everywhere

Grow Where You Are Planted


Elder Stanley G Ellis spoke of this in a conference

report not long ago, suggesting that wherever we are,

we should grow, rather than be always looking to

leave and live somewhere else, living reserving

ourselves to give more fully in some more comfortable

location or something.


I will suggest why it is good to not be moving from

home to home as is so common in our time.


Optimal child development. Children thrive with

consistency. They can make friends from childhood,

and not be so strongly tempted to put on strange

masks to find quick friends in new areas. Moving is

one of the great disturbances to child development,

and greatly affects adults as well.


Neighbors learn to get along. Squabbles happen between

neighbors, and learning to forgive and get along is a

divine thing, instead of resenting and moving away.

You can keep needed boundaries from unsafe behaviors

of others, and only in extreme cases would a person

need to shut out someone from their life.


Pay off the home and save for missionary service.

What if instead of buying a mansion at first chance

and living house poor, you paid off your house, and

saved money toward furthering your education and

serving missions? Not to mention helping your

children do the same, but you must always take care

of yourself too, or your power to fully take care of

your children will be diminished, and the children do

need to learn to work for things on their own. Of

course you will endeavor to teach your children, and

cultivate an atmosphere of a love for legitimate

education in your home.


85% of cars today are financed rather than owned

outright. And I would guess that even less homes are

owned outright. Why do we insist on carrying on with

the plagues of debt? Like Dave Ramsey, the Christian

financial genius suggests, pay cash for a home. Pay

cash for everything. Cut credit cards in half, no one

gets rich with those things. And sky miles are a



Get to know the people in your neighborhood. How long

will we persist in not even knowing the names of our

neighbors? How can we build the friendships needed to

do missionary work if we are moving from place to

place so often?


If your family grows, have a fuller house, or build

on a room above the attic or on the side if you have

space. In old times it was common to raise a dozen children in what we would call a 2 bedroom apartment. Naturally the kids will need to learn to enjoy spending time outside, and how to get along peaceably.


How will you have influence in local politics if you

haven’t lived there very long, or if you don’t plan

on staying? Instead, get to know the neighbors, and

one by one, persuade them the justice of your

political views, and lead the community to thrive



Jesus was of Galilee, a small place comparatively.

Twas there that he grew and worked. He saw no need to

be building himself increasingly large homes every

chance he got. He spent his spare time rather in

learning the law and the prophets, serving others,

and teaching the gospel. What a genius investor,

investing in things which bring highest dividends!


What of where I am being desolated in the day of the wrath of the Lord? Pray that your house is passed over like those in Israel of old with the blood of the lamb on their door. Then stand with those good remaining in the community and build whatever you can from the ruins. If it is not passed over, like the temples which were burned by evil men, then say like Brigham Young, “good, the Lord wants it, let him have it.” Then, also like Brigham, go build another one.

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