The Anti-Socialist: Applied Fields




Reality is the only escape from reality

(You must work your way out of your problems rather than averting the responsibility for your success somewhere else)


Is it a reflection of the socialist  trend to have children with no duties? To not require them to perform, to grow up, to love duty and accomplishment? Many call for children only to play. Many seek to eliminate all consequences. Many say the parent should not have authority but should only be a subtle mentor. I say let the parent preach the gospel in its fullness to his children, including the doctrines of industry and thrift.

Further the antisocialist parent will not seek to avoid his share of work in the home. He will cook and clean and teach and play and do all things needed. He will ensure sufficient funds and satisfaction are common in his household.

Let it be remembered that a parent must take into account the tender feelings of children, and their inability to perform with exactness every command, unlike what could be expected of an adult.

May the parent consider that he is, like every other field, constantly observed by a panel of judges. In the parent is in the household of faith, the parent must be accountable to every just standard.  This being said, let the parent not slacken his arm, and let the parent grant not only justice, but mercy. May the parent know that the child develops slowly across the years, and thus patience is to be afforded.

The spirit of freedom or capitalism also requires giving agreeable rewards for one’s contributions, and the Chou e to contribute a lot or a little based on one’s desire for reward. It suggests that things and privileges should rarely be given for free (though feeding and love are inherent rights of children to receive from parents). A parent should reward a child by positive compliments for their good behaviors and may even consider giving money as reward for various duties, as money is the expression of choice, meaning they can choose their most desired activity with the money they accumulate. It also follows that giving a “free allowance” which one does nothing to merit is an unjust and terrible idea which creates in one’s soul a dance of enti1 QQ P 371tlement that shall greatly hinder them in life. One of children’s favorite rewards is time playing with parents.

Though parenting brings life’s sweetest experiences, it can at times be wearying. It can seem like giving without receiving. The parent must remember the spiritual nature of parenting, and apply unto God for peace in this life, and eternal life in the life to come. The perspective of the latter-day saint reached far past the scope of this life, and sees the crosses of this life are the crowns of the next.


Another way to not be a socialist is to get your work done and do it early. All things assigned to you. There is no reason why you can’t get As. You have plenty of time, you just waste it on micromanaging the kids or the house etc. Be a good business man and have all things organized in your business. Your desk is where you work, and you get work done at your desk. Work enough to make a fire there. I must spend hours a day in school, organizing it myself, for their weak requirements will not bring good grades. They don’t know how to give appropriate assignments etc. The starting gun has shot, the race has begun.  All things else must be minimized. Whatever your business is, you must take it seriously. You can begin side businesses if your business isn’t demanding enough.


False doctrines in religious culture teach irresponsibility with money, and not full commitment to one’s career. Yes, family and charity, but also fully industry and thrift. Honest work to produce and give quality product is how we help the world. We are Atlas, not the freeloaders. When we say the word mercy the word repentance should be right behind it. We do not seek to enable freeloaders, we seek to remediate them.


To go to school as a commitment an investment of time it’s like taking out a Financial loan but instead of dollars your promising time they’ll give you the degree but you have to give time so you have to spend the time to do what is required if you spend your time and other things postponing the payment of time then you will fail you can only use I’m in other things if you are on top of the schedule of payments toward the commitment of school time further this method of staying in front of the payment instead of behind it is the way to eliminate much of the anxiety and the anxiety prohibits learning and learning in the end is what you must do to succeed in that field.
School is a special season wherein one drives hard as ever at a thing, then it ends. One makes that course his business and does everything in his power to make that business thrive.  That is the main thing in his world at that time. Remember that career related things which school is, takes precedence over church service etc. A man has chars her who works hard to be good at what he does. He owns it and will not trade it away but takes pride in it.

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