Dismissing Disney & Other Hollywood Idols

-There are perhaps a few Disney movies that are uplifting, but by and large, I believe we should reject these teachers of magic and their immorality which are crafted in pleasant packages.

-Does not Lucifer appear as an angel of light?

-Do not the scriptures condemn magic, as it is seeking power from a source other than God?

-A friend Sarah Crozier had this insight for media,

  1. Does the spirit reside while the media is being consumed?
    Would you invite the Prophet to join you?
    3. Does it fill an important need?

-Holy meaning sacred, wood meaning a tree, thus it’s an idol set up that they worship, a false god. For oh how many people dedicate their lives to its teachings! Is that not the sumim-bonim of worship? Consider persons chasing Hollywood versions of love etc., at the price of leaving behind one desolated person after another in their path, in their addiction, seeking the larger high relentlessly in their dissatisfaction. All of this reminds me of the unforgiving declaration of President Boyd K Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, that because of Television, our generation is LIVING INSIDE the great and spacious building (the pride of the world).

-There is plenty of wholesome entertainment, and we don’t need to mingle with the questionable. Here are some supporting evidences:

Disney Magic Kingdom or the Kingdom of God – The Movie // Jason Cooley: (~1 hour)


Bible Verses about Magic by Bible Reasons http://biblereasons.com/witchcraft/?fbclid=IwAR0H04LKl31boQ-aWQEKYV1K6sX8YyUrNvx5X0mfL4SFLd1oqmLBmIIh2E4

Is the “Harry Potter…” series truly harmless? by ChristianAnswers.net


Ex-Witch exposes Harry Potter by Devon Vs Earth


Good Fight Ministries on Harry Potter (~7 minutes)



SATANIC DISNEY EXPOSED AND OTHER ILLUMINATI MOVIES DOCUMENTARY 2018 by 123 Conspiracy (~10 hours) (a Christian presenter) (even points out how Bambi has corrupt gender agenda planted in it)




-see also the Good Fight Ministries documentary, “They Sold Their Souls for Rock N’ Roll” on YouTube


2 thoughts on “Dismissing Disney & Other Hollywood Idols

  1. Considering the Prophet references these books and movies in his conference talks, I think you’re off the mark. Worrying about things that don’t need to be worried about. But that’s just me.

    1. Hi Kyle, I think of Mormon’s passage where he says in effect if there are imperfections in his writing, don’t bother him with it, just try to do your best. In that same spirit, I think we should try to do our best regardless of what imperfect messengers do. I love Elder Uchtdorf and the rest of them. I’m just saying, there is great spiritual danger in many of these things which I’ve discovered upon further investigation. We need to follow the Holy Ghost. We can’t expect the brethren to spell out every little thing for us. Thanks!

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