Trusting Personal Revelation (Over well-meaning words of Respected Others)

To someone confused about whether to trust her revelation about what to do for her family or weather to trust her grandfather’s revelation for her which was contrary to her own:

You get more direct revelation for your family than your grandpa does for your family. your family is an independent unit separate from your grandfather. you are to co-president of the organization of your family, and you and the other co-president make the decisions. your grandfather is related to you, but does not have authority over the independent organization titled Your Family. This is your family, not your grandfathers’. In the next life you will belong to 4 kingdoms: the kingdom of your father in heaven, the kingdom of Jesus Christ, the kingdom of your parents, and the kingdom of your own. The last of these includes you your spouse and your posterity. you must be bold in making choices for the wellbeing of your kingdom. As a co-president of that kingdom, the revelation you receive is far greater than ANYONE else’s.

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