How Cohabitation and Low Birthrates Hurt Homes & Nations

Studies show that cohabitation (living with someone of the opposite sex and having sexual intercourse with that person outside of marriage) is climbing in these past 50  years to record highs. Not only will there be no rising generation and dramatic depopulation worldwide except in some small parts of Africa and among the Mormons, butRead more

The Fountain of Life by President Boyd K. Packer, summary

The Fountain of Life by President Boyd K. Packer BYU Devotional, March 1992 Summary by Nate Richardson Updated 1-31-18 recorded in his book Things of the Soul, 105–17 also recorded in Eternal Marriage Student Manual pg.141-146 see for the address see or – says love between husband and wife canRead more

Political View Brief

Political View Brief by Nate Richardson Updated 1-24-18 -“The solution of the great world problems is here in the Church of Jesus Christ. Ample provision is made not only for the needs of individuals, but also for the nation and groups of nations” (Elder Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, InRead more

Birth Control, LDS Quotes

Birth Control LDS Quotes compiled by Nate Richardson updated 1-16-18 Warning: use official church manuals to find official church doctrine on this topic. These statements represent council but not necessarily doctrines of the church. For example, the Bishop handbook says not to council couples on when to have children or how many toRead more


Abortion by Nate Richardson Updated 1-15-18 -The time to choose weather or not you are going to have a child is before sexual intercourse, not when a human is already inside you! -Why don’t we let the human’s in woman wait until they are 18 years old, a legal adult who can makeRead more