BEHAVIORAL TREATMENT PLAN FOR ADDICTION: 10 Basic Concepts of Addiction, 5 Signs of Addiction, 3 Reasons Why We Abuse Substance, 5 Recovery Stages, 4 Milestones for Recovery, 4 Progressive Stages of Substance Abuse, Sobriety Tracking, Transparency Via Therapeutic Essay Writing, Boundaries: The Personal Jihad / Taking Up The Cross, Group Therapy Strategies, Teen Brain, Spiritual Exploration & Conquest, 3 Stances for Recovery

Introduction:   Addiction is seen not only in illegal drug use or alcohol use, but also in pornography use, and abuse of common foods leading to decreased life satisfaction, chronic illness, and premature death. Addiction of any type will hurt our bodies and our spirits. We must train our spirits and our bodies to beRead more

Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) Lectures by Joel Fuhrman & Neal Bernard

Joel Fuhrman:         You don’t want to add size to your body as an adult this is also increasing the cancer if you’re encouraging the growth as an adult, so you don’t need a bunch of meat to increase in size   the football linebackers always die at a young age becauseRead more

Psychotropic Drugs create Violence & Suicide, report by Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, March 2018, full text pdf

Psychotropic Drugs create Violence & Suicide A public interest report published by Citizens Commission on Human Rights International A Mental Health Industry Watchdog March 2018 violence-report psychotropic drugs

The Science and Skepticism Behind the Vaccine War by PBS & Frontline Journalism – Documentary Notes

-small pox, polio, diphtheria, etc. are gone from vaccines -many parents don’t want autism risks from vaccines, they would rather have measles. -within 6 years a child gets 36 inoculations -they prevent 16 diseases by vaccines -Heb B vaccine is an STD, and some say they don’t want such in a baby -babies today getRead more

Spirituality and Sorcery by Ann Tracy, Executive Director, International Coalition for Drug Awareness

Spirituality and Sorcery (full text) March, 2008 by Ann Tracy Executive Director, International Coalition for Drug Awareness As John received revelation upon revelation sitting exiled upon the Isle of Patmos he issued a very strong warning to us in our day. He told us that our entire world would be deceived (lied to) through theRead more

Instant Insanity Drugs by W. Cleon Skousen – Lecture Notes

based on audio lecture from downloads   -one user boasted of not having ill effects from taking it and slashed out the eyes of her son -one boy used it then found himself in jail and asked what have I done raped someone? He had killed his mother. -some young users ran into aRead more

Dangers of Anti-Depressant Drugs by Anne Tracy – Lecture Notes

Tracy is the International Drug Awareness President Tracy raises awareness about potentially harmful effects of SSRI anti-depression medications. Tracy has documented over 5,000 cases of violent crimes related to SSRI drug usage. She has training on how to come off of SSRI’s, but admonishes this to be done very very slowly! She wrote “Prozac: PanaceaRead more