Praying for Grace Against the Odds: Episode of a Man’s Deliverance from a Mental Hospital

I saw a man at the state mental hospital who was a praying man. To see such a man there was very rare. Almost no one seemed to pray there. Doing room checks I would catch him on his knees at his bedside. I also observed that he went to worship services when they wereRead more

Trusting Personal Revelation (Over well-meaning words of Respected Others)

To someone confused about whether to trust her revelation about what to do for her family or weather to trust her grandfather’s revelation for her which was contrary to her own: You get more direct revelation for your family than your grandpa does for your family. your family is an independent unit separate from yourRead more

Face to Face with Elders Oaks and Ballard, notes

Face to Face with Elders Oaks and Ballard November 2017 notes by Nate Richardson Topics: porn, dating, homosexuality, prayer, testimony, Holy Ghost, doubt, marriage, choices, gender roles, church history, Sabbath, career, repentance, standards -*My notes here do not represent the complete ideas expressed in this broadcast, but points I’ve considered most pertinent. ThoughRead more