Morality in Exchange for Equality: Ironic Feminism

Topics: modesty, feminism, cohabitation, rights, morality, premarital sex, the existence of right and wrong, rape, gun rights, out of marriage childbirth rates in 1950 vs now It seems strange to me that often women speaking for women’s rights are the ones who parade in the semi-nude in public, with extravagant amounts of cleavage, the mostRead more

Women & The Priesthood by Sheri Dew – Book Notes

Sister Dew was Second Councilor in the Relief Society General Presidency from 1997-2002; Published 2013 by Deseret Book; -I am for progression of woman’s rights, “but I am not a feminist”. -In trying to make women equal to men, we can forget how women have special divine gifts. -There is nothing constraining about being aRead more

Joseph Campbell Literature: Message of Myth, First Storytellers, Love & The Goddess, Hero’s Adventure, Sacrifice & Bliss, Masks of Eternity – Documentary Notes

From documentary series “The Power of Myth” with Bill Moyers – a Winstar Fire Video       The Message of Myth   -Campbell says don’t be interested in things merely because they are said to be important but get a proper introduction to them and you may find indeed that they are very important.Read more

Female Privilege Exists

Topics: Gender roles, modesty, accountability, pornography, addiction, sexuality, secret combinations/conspiracy, I argued with a professor that there is such a thing as female privilege (she about flew to pieces when I suggested this!), the idea that women show their bodies however they want without respect for the modest feelings of others in society, and aRead more

Daughters in My Kingdom: Relief Society – Book Notes

View full text of this book, click here. -Jesus Christ is the greatest champion of womanhood -Elder Talmage -Don’t let children in your home play with toy firearms or act out dying and to have pleasure in such acting. -Don’t worry if you are only a humble leader (humble here meaning poor, etc.). 85%Read more