Saving the 1st Kiss for Marriage: Overview of “The Princess & The Kiss: A Story of God’s Gift of Purity” Storybook by Jennie Bishop

Introduction: Culture Shock

Saving the first kiss for marriage is completely lost in today’s society, where people think that any type of relation is merely a sport to be played with any temporary volunteer. Some even scoff at the idea of saving the first kiss for marriage, and scoff at the idea of saving anything for marriage, and scoff at the idea of marriage itself. Let us turn back the pages of time to look at a most special truth, that of reserving ALL physical relations for the privacy and permanency of marriage.

The Kiss is a wonderful story of the importance of chastity, modesty, temperance, restraint, virtue, marriage, and honor. My kids love this story, and had much of it memorized word for word before they knew how to read.

The Story:

A princess is given a special gift by her parents, her “first kiss”. She is to keep this gift as a protected treasure, not giving it away to just anyone, but to who she wished to spend the rest of her life with in marriage, and with someone who had also saved their first kiss to give to her.

The princess treasures her gift, which is represented by a glowing orb of wondrous luminous light.

When the princess is of age, several suitors come to ask her hand. They dazzle her with romance, money, strength, and various feats of possessions and excitement. But in none of them did she see anyone worthy of giving her most precious gift to.

By and by, a humble farm boy does come along, and asks for her hand. He has nothing to give her except that which the princess really wanted: the gift of HIS first kiss. With it of course would come his fidelity, and he would honor her as a true queen all of his days.

And of course, they lived happily ever after.


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